seeing red

i stayed up late the other night, knitting like a demon in front of the fan (yeah its kinda hot here right now. lets not talk about it), and i managed to get girasole off the needles. tada:

i’m so happy with it. when i spread it out over the bed it looks like it might actually be mistake free. i like that feeling, knowing that i took the time and effort to get it right and don’t have to apologise for that bit over there that’s not quite straight. because it’s not blocked yet, it looks like there are some wonky bits, but there aren’t.

so i was very happy to be able to submit my easter show entry for this shawl, knowing it was flawless. that doesn’t mean it will win anything though, but i am happy to be in it, for the first time. i am going to need help blocking it, and am planning a day with wires and pins and mats on the floor with knitabulous’ help next week sometime.

in the meantime, i am continuing with my quest for a complete set of red accessories this coming winter:

(please let it be a really really cold one!) and cast on a new shawl, just a small one, that i am going to wear more like a scarf.

its romi hills ‘celeano’ (minus beads) in the gorgeous alpaca that ailsa bought me back from la droguerie in paris. i have a hat planned in red blue sky alpaca/silk, and along with the slowly progressing hederas in malabrigo

i will be dripping in luxury yarns come winter. did i mention i would like it to be really really cold?

this weekend i am off to canberra for the first flyball comp of the year. its meant to be hot.


k xx

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12 responses to “seeing red

  • RoseRed

    WOW!! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Can’t wait to see G. blocked!!

    And also to see you decked out in your luxe red accessories (sounds like a Vogue Knitting fashion “story”). The shawl pattern looks great.

    Also, I have air conditioning and a spare bed. Just sayin’…heh!

  • Bells

    yay! Hooray! Yipee! So bloody beatiuful and it’s not even blocked yet!

    I like the way you are thinking about accessories – I think that’s a really great goal and I think I will turn my mind to fetching accessories for winter – some reds and other bright colours to work as accents. Lovely idea! thanks for the inspiration!

    Hope Canberra is kind to you this weekend. It’ll either be a stinker or bucketing down with storms.

  • gidgetknits

    I am also wishing for cold! Between the two of us, the heat surely can’t win. Love the G. It’s glorious. Good luck!

  • Ailsa

    I can’t wait to see this blocked. It’s going to be HUGE!
    And gorgeous too.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    The yarn is just flying off your needles! Such beauty.
    Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen for the flyball!
    It really is strange to hear about extreme heat and cold in the same hour.

  • Jan

    That looks beautiful and will be even better when blocked. Well done! Am with you on wishing for winter. I’ll be buying my own place soon and am planning furniture etc. Am considering accents of splashes of red. I wore red Ishbel with dark charcoal jacket to divorce hearing last late July. It gave me confidence.

    Enjoy your accessories and planning (and knitting) them.

  • Nettie

    What an achievement! Well done! Can’t wait to see it blocked in all its beauty.

  • sue

    I am so over the hot weather and the humidity is just awful! Apparently up North doesnt even get this much humidity so I have been told. Love your shawl, simply gorgeous – cant wait to see it blocked. The red accessories look great so far too!

  • Leonie

    I understand that whole staying up just to finish it up so it’s done. You go to bed with such a smile on your face. Well done, it’s gorgeous and I hope it does win you a prize, it’s certainly worthy.

  • donna lee

    I am starting a major project today and I want to be able to say that it is flawless when I’m done so I am going to take it very slowly. Your Girasole is so beautiful. Entering it is a brilliant idea.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Oh that shawl is looking lovely, the colour looks very scrumptious indeed !
    Love your socks also, great red and good luck with that blocking next week 😀

  • Emma

    Girasole looks magnificent! Cannot wait to see it in it’s blocked glory.

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