dog post #1

i am an awful cranky pants today. im in the office on a monday (normally its my work from home day) but i have a so called Important Meeting tomorrow i needed to prepare for. of course, its 30something degrees today with 100% humidity (its so humid the sky is sweating. its not raining, its just dripping sweat), and my stupid building has no air conditioning. let me tell you, there is nothing cushy about life in the underfunded ivory tower in summer. and then i let some little person on twitter upset me with stupid little person racist and judgemental comments, and its fair done me ‘ead in, as they say.

so ive done the thing i needed to do for tomorrow and before i skive off and go and swim some laps in the pool, i thought id try and remind myself, and you all, that there are some things in life really worth living for. apart from good friends, and chocolate gelato, it is often my three lovely four legged companions, who havent had a post to themselves for a while. we have had a bit of a break from flyball for a few months but we have our first comp on feb 5th and then only a few comps after that before the next national championships at the sydney royal easter show. so we are travelling down to milton, near ulladulla, on the south coast, for training on sundays. (one third of our team live in milton, one third in canberra and one third in wollongong, so its easier for us to get together there). its a nice trip down too, with the highway bending past kiama,

then down through cutesy little berry where we stopped for coffee

and jem thought he might like to drive for a while

about 2 hours later we are at our lovely rustic but picturesque training grounds (the milton ulladulla showground, also a camping ground over summer).

we spent most of our energy on young ricco,

who displays great potential but sometimes has the attention span of a gnat

especially when learning new things

like running away from trent.

he does like to play tug rope tho, so thats a good thing. possum and i are working on getting our passes closer, and jem is working on his fitness. its a hard slog for a 9  year old wombat, especially on a hot day. we all crashed when we got home:

such great dogs. they work so hard, even when its hot. ive been a bit worried about possum for a while, she has this lump on her tummy and i was trying to ignore it, but i finally took her to the vet on saturday and she stuck a needle in it and had a look and thankfully its all fine, just fatty cells (that’ll be $90 thanks). apparently these things are called lipomas, and they happen to middle aged girl dogs. 6 years old being middle aged apparently. why is nature so harsh to the females of species, except for spiders? i wish i had been born a black widow.

anyway, back to happier things. knitting for example. apart from the regia stripey boy socks that i save for car knitting, i did make some major progress on the not-shur’tugals (or hederas), finally turning the heel last night while the ARod got thrashed (tennis reference).

looooove. this is the second time in a year a pair of cookie socks has rescued my flagging sock knitting mojo. i loved them so much i bought the book  – knit. sock. love that is. go on, you know you want to. and then this morning a surprise box arrived from webs (surprise as in ordered before the snow hit and no shipping notice dispatched).

rosered loved the red packy i bought her in Washington DC so much, that she wanted enough for a garment, and i got 2 more of the black as well, just in case. and yes, that is $5.75 you see on the label. unbelievable.

so, all things being equal, there is a lot that is good about today. feel free to remind me of that next time i let the idiots get to me.

k xx

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16 responses to “dog post #1

  • 2paw

    Don’t worry about Possum’s fatty lipoma, Peri has them and so did my German Shepherd. As long as they aren’t interfering with joints they are not a bother. Glad that’s all it was.
    You dogs are so good to sit in the car for so long, Gilly cries if we don’t go where she wants- to the dam!!
    Ricco looks as though he is doing a very good job there, and thank goodness someone sensible is driving the car.
    You poor thing, the heat makes me cross too. I think there should be a lot or air-con everywhere.
    Lovely socks, and once you get past the gusset, it’s the home run (baseball reference).

  • jennifer

    There are almost inevitably going to be some twits spouting twitterage on the twitter. I assume there is the DEL option? Excuse my ignorance on this matter.
    $5.75 = you are OBLIGED to buy, imho.

    • drk

      Ah the irony of it is that I already unfollowed this particular twit, but I was alerted to her comments via email, and I let it get to me from there! Silly me.

  • RoseRed

    How’d Jem go with that driving thing? Bet he wishes he had opposable thumbs, hey?

    I kinda wish I’d watched the tennis last night (Andrew doesn’t love it, so we had a rare break) – I do love to see the A-Rod get thrashed!

    Lovely inexpensive yarn – life is good isn’t it!

    (I wonder if maybe you were a black widow in a previous life, heh!)

  • gidgetknits

    As Wee Davies says, your dog/s are much more important than the frustrating, irritating things going on in the world! Well, maybe he barks that?

  • Ailsa

    They are good dogs, working so hard. And laps are a good way to get out of the heat and clear the mind at the same time – so well done you.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I love hearing about the dogs and the knitting. I’ve used that Berroco yarn and love it. It works up so soft.
    I do want to thank you and Bells for helping me understand some of the racial issues in other parts of the world. The internet has helped me find out so much about history, opinions and attitudes.

  • Emily

    DELICIOUS socks! Gorgeous colour, totally grabs me. Mmmm. And hedera…

  • Emma

    It’s so easy for the negative things to pile up and make it difficult to see the positives sometimes. Thanks for the reminder to remember the good things.

    Your not-shur’tugals are looking lovely. And seriously flying off the needles too!

  • donna lee

    I need the reminder that there are good things in live once in a while. I try to remember it every day but sometimes it seems like people are trying to beat it out of me.

    I wish I swam well enough to do laps. I start out ok but then my kicking goes all wonky and my back end falls under and it’s no good. I like running in the pool from end to end. It revs up my heartbeat and doesn’t feel as much like exercise. I just always feel silly next to the serious swimmers.

  • GeekKnitter

    I have a hard time letting go of ‘idiot irritation’ as well. The husbeast says I need a thicker skin.

    Jem’s a very clever dog, driving with no thumbs and all. Most impressive!

  • Bells

    am so glad possum’s lump was nothing to be concerned about!

    That just looks like the most glorious day out. Sunshine and dogs and car knitting! Lovely. For some reason I’ve aways shied away from Hedera. I have absolutely NO idea why because yours look and sound fabulous.

  • Annie

    ah…see there are good things amongst some bad. I like the sock.

  • Leonie

    Loving the Hedera’s they are coming up so wonderfully. Cookie A has just a special touch with socks hasn’t she?

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