sunshine, stash, socks

summer appeared to arrive this weekend.  cricket and tennis on tv. that yellow hot thing shining in a blue sky. grass that grew 10 inches overnight to become triffid like. training for flyball starting again. the inspiration of fresh produce (and T being home for the weekend) to do some real cooking. home made pizzas:

and fatoush with bbq greek (read: garlic and lemon) lamb:

after the greek feast we took for the dogs for a walk and an ice cream (us, not dogs):

it was almost too hot to knit but late in the afternoon outside in the seabreeze wasnt too bad:

as you can see, i got lots of washing done finally, and cleaned my room, which made me think seriously about the state of my stash. i cleaned it out:

and am giving a large bag to charity (not related to qld floods!):

its good stuff, mostly patons and cleckheaton, but nothing i am likely to use anytime soon, given its been in the basket for over a year. i dont really have much of a storage system for my stash, its grown rather quickly lately, and i like to be able to see it, but this desire obviously clashes with the need to protect it, so its all in zip lock bags, categorised in baskets clustered around the unusable fireplace in my room. it looks a bit messy, but i was very happy to be able to pin up some pictures from my friends grace and james:

grace’s little picture is of me with three orange puppies, and james’ is a brain eating zombie. eerily lifelike i think, the zombie i mean. anyway, this slight reorganisation revealed this pile of smokey grey jo sharp:

once it wanted to be a cobblestone for T, but its changed its mind, and T decided he liked this jumper harry potter was wearing in deathly hallows:

(the picture is from but i couldnt find a credit for it). pattern wise, i couldnt find an exact match on ravelry, so i asked around and randomknits found me an ancient carnival yarns pattern that is almost exact:

i will just do a tighter ribbed hem and collar (and probably shorten the collar too) and then rib the whole body instead of stocking stitch. nice! someone told me i shouldnt be wasting my time knitting for men, especially for ones im not even sleeping with anymore (heh), and shes probably right, but i really do like to give my knitting away, especially to people who appreciate it, so i also worked on his socks this weekend:

i started these to take to america and they were actually the only things i worked on over there, but i probably only managed a total of 10 rows. i had a few hours car knitting time yesterday so they grew a bit. while i was knitting them, thinking how effortless the toe up magic loop no pattern sock is, i thought of the s62011 shurtugals awaiting me at home, and how i really had never been a fan of the pattern, and how the having to stop and think about the left twists made me cranky, and this morning i frogged them. i downloaded the new version of hedera as well, and the pattern has been rewritten in more sizes and for malabrigo sock, which is what i was using, so i am going to start them today:

this pattern was in my uncompleted PSC for 201o, and while i had hoped the s62011 socks might be my PSC, there are just too many patterns i dont like, and too little time, and no knitting police either, so i feel good about the frogging.

i do like a good rejuvenating weekend (mostly) at home. hope yours was good.



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15 responses to “sunshine, stash, socks

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I think anytime you do something that makes your life better, it is a good thing. And I am glad the knitting police are fiction. I was quite afraid I would be hauled away for all my knitting indiscretions.

  • LynS

    Productive as well as rejuvenating? That seems like a weekend very well spent.

  • Ailsa

    Now who would say such an uncharitable thing about knitting for T? Although I do like that HP jumper quite a lot. We’re all lucky we’ve got the photographic memory of Donna to help us in our knitting quests. She’s a walking knitwiki.

    I too am embarking on a big cleanout – stash, bedrooms, clothes, junk, it feels so good to GET RID OF IT. Life destash, as Ingrid put it, feels good.

  • shellauw

    The HP jumper is really quite classy… in the Jo Sharp too… lovely!

    The yarn destash happened a few months ago for me. Now it’s just sorting out what I want to take to the Windy City with me…

    Lovely pics by the pirate and the princess… and beautiful knitting. Reminds me that I really need to do something about buying girasole when I have the money…

  • sue

    The HP sweater looks great and what a find to clear out your yarns and discover some hidden ones! It has been hot to knit lately but thankfully here the weather has cooled down and is lovely!

  • RoseRed

    The HP jumper is great, nice pick T (except for all that ribbing – ugh!!)

    Home made pizza is the best! Yum yum yum. And I’m glad you flogged that sock! Hedera is a really nice pattern, it will look great in the red!

    Hope you at least gave the pups a lick of ice-cream??

  • Bells

    wow I love the HP jumper – more than cobblestone! But are you sure about the ribbing? All that ribbing? That’s a lot!

    I almost frogged the shurt’ugals too but seem to have come to like them well enough. The pizza looks sublime!

  • 2paw

    I’m pretty sure Jem would like an icecream, look at that longing in his face!!! I love Harry’s cardigan, I thin in general HP has been very good for knitting and crocheting, and that wool is perfect. Nice socks,is that Kaffe Fassett???

  • donna lee

    I think plain vanilla sock patterns are nice to have going anytime. It’s always nice to be able to pick up a project and to just knit without too much thought. Like comfort knitting.

  • missfee

    great idea – as there are no rules you should unpick and knit what you want – and wish I could of joined you for pizza

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Oh gosh I’m now feeling guilty with all that enthusiasm for the tidy bug, something I seriously need to do. In fact if you could see my studio right now I think you would have thought there was no need to tidy yours ;D

    Your pizzas are making me hungry!!!!! …Y.U.M.M.Y !!!!!!

    Frogging is fun, I spend lots time doing this over and over..ahhaha ;D

  • Emma

    Your pizzas look good! They’re on the menu for dinner here tonight, and I’m very much looking forward to them.

    The HP jumper is going to look ace in the Jo Sharp! I agree with Bells, tis much better than Cobblestone.

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