show and tell #1

the problem with starting new projects in the new year is how long its going to take before i have something worthwhile to show. i faced this dilemma on saturday when i went to knitters guild meeting in surry hills and had only a big reddish blob of yarn to show:

this is girasole, folded in half. ive got it on my longest cable and its still really bunched up, i cant get it stretched out much more than this:

so i felt like an idiot trying to talk about this amazing pattern and no one could really see anything. and because my little digital camera tends to take photos of this as a very pinky purple, ive pulled out the big guns to get a better colour representation. this is a bit more like it:

it is wollmeise lace in ‘merlot’ and it does look like a very good complex glass of red wine. the pattern is just fantastic, i cant speak highly enough of it. its so well charted, so easy to follow and the pattern repeats arent at all complex. i only have to glance at a chart every so often, and as you can see i have been a good girl and used life lines. ive only had to rip it once though and that was a while ago. if i get the transition row between charts right, then im set. it jumped from 280 odd stitches to 620 a while ago, and there are no more increase rows, but i have done more chart repeats than the pattern calls for. mostly because i really wanted to use as much of this huge 300g ball as i can. i have 133g left, so im not about to run out anytime soon. i did 5 repeats of chart E when the pattern said three, and just one of chart F because it was a transition chart, and  now i have done the first repeat of chart G. the pattern says to do two, but i think i can easily do 4 to match the multiples of chart E.

then there is a knitted on edging. thats the only part im not looking forward to. but its slow and steady on this one, i am not in any hurry to get it finished and my interest in it has yet to wane, even though its been on the needles for nearly 3 months.

i am not so in love with the shurtugal sock pattern but will get it done, if only because the malabrigo sock is so smooshy. infinitely more interesting is my other new cast on for this year, the ‘leaving’ cardigan in the madtosh pashmina. i think i might have already gone on a bit about how lovely this yarn is. and i mentioned that i had been talked into alternating balls and was knitting from 3 at a time. what does that look like, i hear you ask:

a bit messy but surprisingly manageable. i have tied one, two and three pieces of black wool to the top of each ball just to help me keep track of the alternating, and at “tuesday night knitting at the shop” i learnt a nifty trick for helping to carry the yarn up the side. so basically, i knit one row from each ball of yarn. im glad im doing it because there are definite differences in colour, and i can see it come through, but it works as a whole and just looks like nice slightly variegated yarn:

the pattern on this is lovely too and the twisted stitches really are just perfect for this yarn:

cant wait to be able to wear this. although with all this rain and warmth and 2000% humidity i may never need woollens again. my permanently frizzed hair is making me very cranky but at least i dont need a boat to get out of the house. yet.

k xx

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19 responses to “show and tell #1

  • Bells

    great post! This is fun to watch all this happening. I’m with you on the big blob – mine is a big blue blob. I like your approach – you’re aiming to get as much out of your yarn as possible – as it should be – who wants left over?

    Leaving is looking great. I admire you doing three skeins at once. it’s going to be beautiful!

    ps not looking forward to the edge either. Maybe we can be moral support for each other when we get there.

  • Bells

    i’ve just realised what the pattern for leaving reminds me of – no purl monkey socks!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I have all three of those patterns in my queue. The socks are better than I thought they would be after the first few rows. The first sock is done and second just started. I love your projects and I am amused at how similar our tastes are sometimes.

  • Jan

    I’m with you on those socks. So much so that I ripped out what I had done and am doing something else. Love the look of them, just can’t stand the means to an end. The twists were making my arthritic fingers ache and I finally had some sense and stopped them I kept telling myself to persevere, but could go no further.

  • Ailsa

    Hey – are you keeping count of how many 620 stitch rows you’ve done? Even though it’s unlikely you’ve done so many repeats that you’re due for an increase transition – but the pi shawls HAVE to double in stitches each time the round number doubles – for example at rounds 4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512 and so on. They have to be either at the end of each section or incrementally thoughout. So don’t go past double the number of rounds in the previous section without some kind of increasing, ok?

    I cannot wait to see this finished.


    • drkknits

      Ooh I dont know. I will count. So far I’ve actually only done 16 more rounds than the pattern calls for, so it might be ok….but what an interesting knitting fact. You are such a brain box.

      • drkknits

        Heh, I appear to have done what EZ says women do and forget all things geometric. I’m planning on adding 70 rounds since the last increase on round 113 (stopping after round 203) which makes me safe i think. Thanks for that little maths lesson. Again!!

  • sue

    Your shawl looks gorgeous, and yes I agree you dont want leftovers of gorgeous yarn. Your other knit looks beautiful too but sounds confusing having to knit from 3 different balls!

  • Knitdra

    Your girasole shawl is stunning! I think it’s going in my queue of 20 shawls now, I may get to those next year after my sock focus in 2011. Still in awe of the mad pash!

  • Rose Red

    I love all this knitting! Just love it! I can’t believe how much you’ve done on the Girasole, it’s so lovely.

    And I love Leaving. I think that using 3 balls at once is a great idea and I love the subtle striping/variegation, just fabulous.

  • 2paw

    Your big red blob is gorgeous!! I love all the lacy patterns and I am glad you are enjoying it so much. I was thinking of joining the Sock 2011 group, but the twisted stitches of the first sock were just too much. I don’t like them at all, even if they are good for me!!
    Leaving: yes Bells, No Purl Moneys!! And you are doing such a good job of keeping the three balls in order.
    It’s too hot here too. I can only knit a sock. A little.

  • donna lee

    No one seems to like that pattern. I wonder why that is. I agree with Bells, I thought the sweater pattern looks like monkey socks (which is a good thing).

    I did a long knitted on edging and it’s really weird and fiddly at first but then all of a sudden, it seems to work. And looks so gorgeous.

  • Sarah

    Oh yum, lovely WIPS and as it’s hard to see its beauty along the way the final ta da of your shawl will be all the more AMAZING, the colour is so rich – reds are so tricky for photos

  • GeekKnitter

    One of the hazards of circular lace shawls is having no earthly idea of what it looks like!

  • gidgetknits

    Blobs are cool! And I love seeing blobs in progress.

  • Kgirlknits

    i love the red blob! can’t wait to see that finished 🙂

    hope you get some Shur’tugal love soon, though – it’s a tough slog when you are not enjoying it, and there’s other projects turning your head!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Your red blob is looking lovely.. hehe 😀

    … and the knitting with 3 balls, I get why your doing it however would drive me completely batty.

    I’m still to cast on for those socks, sometime before Feb ends.. lol

  • Leonie

    Liking how the grey is knitting up I have a friend knitting the cardigan version of this pattern, it’s really lovely. Can’t wait to see how the red turns out, it’s going to be spectacular 🙂

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