two lots of before and afters

im not going to talk about work. im going to pretend its not happening. im going to pretend im still at home knitting. im also going to show you some really pretty things. im not a big one for advertising on blogs, in fact it irritates me beyond belief and represents everything i hate about the power of capitalism to infiltrate every corner of modern life, but i am a big fan of supporting a friend in their creative cleverness. todays supportee is the lovely randomknits, who gave me a wonderful hand made christmas present:

thats right, one of her fabulous interchangeable needle cases, which combined with the needle roll she gave me for my birthday, and the fantastic little camera case she made, gives me a complete set:

im a big fan of the complete set. im also a big fan of transforming my needle mess from this:

into this:

i strongly advise you to go visit her shop and get your hands on one of these, they are so incredibly well made, and fit all your stuff in them,

and they look GREAT. do it. do it now.

i also need to thank randomknits for being part of my knitting brains trust. thanks to her and knitabulous’s help yesterday, i confirmed that my dodgy knitting maths was correct and i had cast on the amount of stitches for ‘leaving’ that would get me a garment in something like the size i needed. i was less thankful when they told me i would need to alternate balls. they sent me home to transform my lovely skeins from this:

(they are not anything like this colour either, its much more grey and mushroomy) into neat little cakes like this:

apart from one recalcitrant tangled skein that will have to be hand wound. sigh.

apparently, there are noticeable differences in colour depth and saturation from one skein to the next, and i already learnt the hard way about not alternating skeins. so i am now working each row from a different ball.

its a little fiddly, but im getting the hang of it, and will be worth it in the long run.

see, we’re really all at home knitting, arent we?

k xx

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8 responses to “two lots of before and afters

  • missfee

    wow i am loving the new cardie you are knittin up

    and no you are not at work really no you are not

  • Rose Red

    work? what work?? (does that help??)

    I’m glad you got early advice to alternate the skeins, that will definitely help avoid heartache in future!

  • Bells

    My needle roll just arrived! Hooray!

    Three different skeins!? Wow!

    Work does not exist. Work does not exist.

  • 2paw

    Wow, there is such a range of colours in the once ‘colour’, good thing you are a savvy knitter!!

  • donna lee

    As I start my 3rd day back to work and things are starting to feel familiar again (I’d rather be home knitting, too), I love being able to admire your pink polka dot accessories! They’re beautiful. And they match. I think I could use a needle case and would rather buy them from a friend of a friend than anyone else.

  • Sue

    I love my needle case and needle roll too! They are so beautifully made and so practical. Love the cardi.
    I am strongly in denial about being back at work. It is getting easier but…..

  • Emma

    Sorry, I don’t understand this word ‘work’ that you’re not writing about…

    You have the patience of a saint, alternating between three cakes of yarn!

  • Sarah

    Oh yes – I can pretend along with you! I’m being a good girl and alternating skeins of Manos in my Mum’s shawl. I resisted the idea as too faffy but it really hasn’t been an issue and we all know it’s worth it.

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