the second on the second

yesterday i started my second project for 2011, the leaving cardigan from twist collective by anne hanson.

i had swatched for it earlier, and i did all the right things like we learnt at guild with liz gemmel that day, washing and blocking it, and measuring it before and after blocking, and measuring in different places to see how the gauge changed.

after blocking my average gauge was 23 stitches to 10cm (i dont tend to worry about rows too much), and the recommended gauge was 21 stitches. that’s on 3.5mm needles and i liked the look of the fabric it produced and had no intention of going up a needle size. so i had to work out what might happen if i stayed at 23 stitches per 10cm. i asked some twitter peeps and trent helped me as well, he had some super duper formula that i thought i understood at the time but no longer do. it turned out anyway that to get correct sizing with my gauge i would need to cast on the exact amount of stitches required for one size up, so ive done that. i have taken all my measurements and written them into the detailed schematics (thank you anne for such a wonderfully written pattern), and i am just going to measure as i go.

so far its a lovely pattern, it was the only thing i worked on yesterday and i only managed to get this far!

this is 4 rows of stocking stitch for a loose rolled hem followed by a very clever inch and a half of very twisted rib (purls knit through the back too. aaagh), which stop it from rolling all the way up.

then its straight into the chart for the leaf pattern on the back, which requires concentration, so i didnt do any today. this yarn, madeline tosh pashmina, is just amazing. its the perfect fit for this pattern, smooth with a tight twist, and a lovely soft bounce to it that makes it a perfect weight cardigan for our milder winters.

no excess bulk needed thanks. so i have just the three things on the needles at the moment and am going to alternate them for a while before i add anything else.

i am a bit anxious today, trying not to worry too much about going back to work tomorrow. ive been reading my work emails and some things have happened that mean my plans for a soft landing have been thrown a bit, and im going to have to really nail my boss down for our plans for this year to get the most out of the last year of my contract. im a bit torn between being all career minded and ambitious, and just letting things slide so i have more knitting time. but i know ill hate myself eventually if i dont at least try this year, which means its not going to be an easy one.

going back to work makes me anxious because it means people as well. since i have come home from the US, i have managed to not see anyone very much. i had one most excellent knitting lunch date that made me wish my whole life could consist of knitting lunches in newtown pubs, and apart from christmas day its just been me at home with trent and the dogs. on our last day in new york i contracted the really evil chest infection that my sister got earlier in the trip, and i managed to pass that on to trent as well. it laid me out for at least 10 days, and im still coughing a bit. the self imposed quarantine has meant i am currently used to not talking to people very much. it scares me sometimes how easily i could get in that habit, of not talking to people. well, most people. it makes me realise what an effort it is to get out the door some days. i know once im in the swing of it again it will be ok, but taking that first step is the hardest. tomorrow is going to be awful.

why hasnt someone invented a time machine yet? or just a pause button at least. i only need another week. or two…..

k xx


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14 responses to “the second on the second

  • Rose Red

    mmmm, I like the look of Leaving very much so far and the Psmina sounds divine. It’d probably take me a week to get all that twisted ribbing done, so I think you’ve done great so far!

    Hope the return to work goes well xx

  • Rose Red

    (sorry, that was meant to say Pashmina!)

  • Leonie

    That really is the most gorgeous cardigan isn’t it? So very clever of Ann. A few of us have our eye on it at my local SnB! Good luck for tomorrow. Hopefully the anticipation of a not so good thing will make it seem less bad on the day?

  • Bells

    it’s going to be beautiful. I have serious yarn envy – it just sounds so luxurious! I love the stitch definition and knitted leaves, well, they are the bomb.

    I’ve been thinking about the whole getting up and getting out thing too – I wonder at how we do it day after bloody day and what a relief it is to have periods of not doing it.

  • shellauw

    *swoon* The pattern! The yarn! The colour! That is going to be one luxurious project.

    And I completely understand and agree about going out and talking to people after enjoyable solitude with knitting and dogs (the best companions and listeners ever).

    Fingers crossed things aren’t as stressful in the end – you don’t need the angst – but just do what you need to do, not what you think other people expect, but work this year for you. Be happy in what you’re doing and count down the days till you escape and I will take you to the awesome tea and chocolate places in NZ, hmmm? How does that sound for incentive? 🙂

  • jp

    That yarn, that colour perfection.
    Great work on the twisted rib.

  • 2paw

    Oh the cardigan is looking so lovely and I can’t wait to see how it progresses!!! Anticipation is usually worse than the actual thing, but that doesn’t assuage your feelings, hope it all goes swimmingly and that you feel 100%.

  • LynS

    Despite the worrisome e-mails I bet that when you get to work tomorrow most people aren’t even at work, and those who are will be in post-holiday catch-up mode. The problems that seem urgent just now won’t be able to be resolved quickly and by the end of the week (maybe even the end of tomorrow) it will feel as if you’ve never been away…and that’s both good as well as bad. But the best of luck, anyway.

    Love the cardi pattern and the yarn. I’m so looking forward to seeing it develop.

  • Sarah

    I empathise with the work feelings – both the going back and how pushy to be – like you I’m going with doing right by myself – trying to go the easy route never quite works out like that does it? Ah well till tomorrow I shall knit in peace, love your new projects with your souvenir yarns – delish distractions.

  • donna lee

    I’m back at work and while it’s not quite as bad as I anticipated, it’s bad enough. I liked being home and not having to talk to people for long stretches of time and yes, I think I could get used to it. The phone has been ringing and ringing and ringing all morning.

    I’ve heard bad things about Twist Collective patterns and their accuracy. Be sure to check for errata. A very experienced knitter vowed never to use them again she had so many problems with a shawl pattern. I’ll be interested to see how well this works out for you.

  • Kate

    That looks sooooo lovely. The colour, and drape of the yarn look like they’ll give a beautiful cardigan. I’ve knitted one of Anne Hanson’s shawl patterns (not via twist collective though), and it was really well written.

  • Olivia

    I’ve done a rolled hem/rib combination before and I love the way it looks. And I too love staying home not talking to people. I always go back to work straight after the ‘closedown’ period but this time I took an extra week off. I am so glad, though it just delays the inevitable!

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