on second thoughts…

i just wanted to take a minute, and a break from the US posts, to wish everyone a happy holiday season. i made a comment at the end of my last post about ‘stupid christmas’ and i know a lot of people get a lot of joy out of this time of year, and i dont want to rain on that parade.

but christmas is not a joyful time for many, and its always a hard time for me. estranged from parents, no children, watching friends plan big get togethers with sprawling families, and at the end of a difficult year, its hard for me to rustle up anything like spirit.

i know christmas is what you make it, as is family, and i am very grateful today to be well looked after by my best friend who is taking me with him to spend the day with his crazy cousins. ive glazed a ham, and will get plenty of knitting time.

its important to be grateful today. i could be one of the homeless with nowhere to go. i could be lost on the streets in my old life, full of bitterness and rage. i could be one of the billions of people around the world with not enough to eat every day. there are any number of worse places to be than where i am now, and as hard as today might be, its a gift to be alive at all.

so i wish you all the very best, and send a huge thank you to the great friends, and my wonderful sister, and to trent, who have helped me get through this last year. im thinking of you all today with much love in my heart, and really, thats the best thing anyone can ask of christmas.


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