usa part the second: san francisco

who was i kidding? i had this idea that i could bring you the trip in 3 sections, yarn/highlights/lowlights, but i just went to upload my photos to flickr and realised i had taken 3GB worth, and the highlights from san francisco alone were 1GB. so instead, you will have to bear with me as we trawl through the photos and make the trek from the west coast to the east (and back again).

today then, i bring you highlights of san francisco. we had a whirlwind two days here and i am really impressed with how much we fitted in, especially considering we got on the plane at 3pm monday and arrived at 8am monday. jetlag anyone? our first stop was the hotel, the lovely san remo,

where they let us check in early and shower, which was a godsend. this is my cute little room:

nardine had one of her own, and we had really nice bathrooms down the hall. thanks sarah for the recommendation, i really liked it here, and would stay here again for sure. it was in a great part of town, in north beach, only a short walk down to fishermans wharf. the first thing we did after the shower was look for coffee, we went here on recommendation from my interwebs research effort which listed this as one of the top 10 espresso places in SF.

lets just say we didnt go there again. then we jumped on the muni bus down to the main shopping centre (union square) and found the levis store, with its many floors and many walls of levis. $50 a pair. i kid you not.

nardine did not leave empty handed.

getting tired, we found a cinema and watched a movie in an attempt to stay awake (i forget what, some new russell crowe thing) and a food hall for dinner and crashed about 9pm. not too bad.

the second day was really busy, but great. we started by checking out the local neighbourhood

and finding a really big good breakfast!

then down to fishermans wharf for a ferry ride around the bay, where we saw the city skyline (with sea lions in the water)

sailed up close and under the golden gate bridge,

did a u turn so we could see the northern headland

and up to sausalito

then sailed around alcatraz  and back to the city.

we watched the sea lions on pier 39 for a while

and headed off for crab and lobster and fish for lunch (very very good crab)

then a ride on the muni

into union square again where i finally found a pair of cheap nikes ($65 cheap)

and then onto the J-Church bus which took us up winding streets to yarn store (mmm smooshy)

and further up again to haight-ashbury

where everything was open late, nardine bought vintage clothes and new doc martins, and we had bbq for dinner.

oh the food. need i say more? then we caught one of the old style cable cars up and down hills back to our hotel

What an experience that was, we even sat on the outside and slid up and down the seats!

Sigh, lovely San Francisco, two days cant possibly do it justice. i liked it here a lot, im aware of the fact that it reminded me of home, the CBD was about the same size as sydney, the light, the temperature. the trip out on the water was my favourite part, not least because it was like being on the manly ferry, only not! the people were really friendly and really really nice, we didnt get bad service anywhere here that i can remember. but i was surprised i think at how run down parts of it where, i mean, i know it is an old city (in the modern world), and it has that feel about it too, but it also has a slightly shabby feel, and i wondered how much of that was to do with certain financial issues the country as a whole was having. turns out this wasnt unique to SF, but more about that later.

k xx

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