step back in time

so here we are, one more sleep, and i thought i was packed,

and i picked up my bag and nearly gave myself a hernia. so maybe not.

theres a pretty high level of excitement here about now, we’ve spent today checking out our shopping and eating options in san francisco and planning a long walk along the national mall in DC, let alone drooling over the groovy and vintage in NY. im just hoping our shuttle bus actually arrives to pick us up in the morning. we’re not scheduled to take off until 2pm and when we arrive 12 hours later we will have flown back in time to 8am and will get to do monday all over again.

im excited about the weather too. its so hot and sticky here with heavy cloud and all that rain moisture, im most of all looking forward to it being below 15 in SF and maybe snow in NY. so we’ve been trying on hats, this is the slouchy hat i made for nardine my sister

it suits her PERFECTLY and like anyone with good taste, she loves the sublime. it brings out the colour in her eyes too.

a success, i think! i am not usually a hat person, but have borrowed rosered’s rosered, i wore it in bendigo and kind of fell in love with it.

perhaps i will find some yarn in NY to make myself one with (ya think?!). the only sad thing today was saying goodbye to trent and the puppies this morning, they have all gone to stay with various friends for the 2 weeks and i hope they all stay safe and well.  i will miss lots of people actually, and i have switched my phone to roaming and will be relying on wifi, so wont be completely out of touch. but it is only 2 weeks, and im pretty sure i’ll be busy having a great time!

be good!

k xx


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