last day

today was my last day at work for a month. of course, it was hectic, with last minute changes to conference presentations needing to be uploaded, and people needing things done Right Now, but here we are at 430 and im ready to go.  i did spend some time printing out and organising all the requisite travel documents, and making copies, just in case:

and last night i was pleased to find that despite the endless rain my sisters hat has dried and appears to have blocked nicely.

for blocking purposes, i was meant to use a balloon but i didnt have one lying around so i used a whole heap of yarn ina bag:

i think it worked, it still has a slightly pointy tip due to my strange habit of not reading patterns correctly, but its very nice and floppy and will look great on her. shes a bit of a pixie (i will get her to model it tomorrow when she arrives from brisvegas) so it should suit her well.

i am very much looking forward to my time off, and time with my sister and time in the US of A, and i have even found a little window to pop into philadelphia and say hi to donna-lee, which is kind of exciting. shopping lists have been made, patterns printed, yarn store addresses acquired and mapped. all the important stuff.

only 3 more sleeps.

are we there yet?

k xx


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