seven sleeps

is all i have left until my sister and i begin our epic trip across the pacific.

well, its not really that epic, being a mere 12 hours to san francisco (which after 24 to london seems like a breeze). that’s subject to qantas being able to keep the plane in the air of course. i am starting to get rather excited, and will start checking things off the final to do list this week. we have plans for much eating and sight seeing in san francisco, then its off to washington DC for the actual work bit, but i plan to skive off for long enough to see the smithsonian at least. then its a train to the big apple, where we have a detailed itinerary for each day, focusing on a particular part of the city. of course,we have conveniently found lots of things we need to do within the vicinity of certain yarn stores each day:

that black cross is where we are staying, DY is ‘downtown yarns’ and P is of course ‘purl soho’. plans include the MOMA, guggenheim, empire state, harry potter, ice skating, a whole day shopping in soho, compost cookies at momofuku, looking for shoes, watches, sunglasses, yarn and books, and the real treat, nutcracker at new york city ballet. i havent made plans to catch up with american knitters because i think we are just going to be too busy. and even though today it is raining and cold as if its the middle of winter, i am looking forward to maybe seeing some snow. in preparation i have been making my sister a hat:

(she wanted black but shes getting grey, because its sublime merino and i didnt have any in black, and its better to have sublime in grey on your head than just about any other yarn in black). i should finish this tonight, though my decreases leave something to be desired. and did i mention its wet? it hasnt stopped raining for two days and ricco is going mental (even though i just took them for a run, in the rain!):

he just grabbed my brand new camera case that donna made me off the coffee table:

thankfully its made of sturdy stuff and will just need a little wash.

unlike ricco, i am still tired after another flyball comp this weekend. i have a bit of a cold and am a bit wheezy, but the voltaren magic cream the doctor suggested has been working well on my foot and i was able to run on the weekend without too much pain. shame i couldnt quite get my shit together, running-my-dog-properly-wise. the team came second and it was a good day, but i still have a lot to learn. sigh.

and this week i have the house to myself (apart from the three dogs) because my freeloading housemate finally got a job! just joking, he has merely started a summer internship with the guv’ment in canberra and will be boarding down there sun-thurs nights for the next 12 weeks. so i am making myself steak and potato bake for dinner, will watch glee and then crash early, because then it will be only six more sleeps!


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14 responses to “seven sleeps

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I have never been out of the country and only once to the East coast. But I have always wanted to be a world traveler! I have major envy, and you get to travel with a friend! (Isn’t it nice when we can be friends with relatives?!)I hope my countrymen treat you with grace and courtesy!

  • Ailsa

    I think the day that we don’t have a lot to learn won’t be such a good day.

    Six sleeps! I can’t beleive it’s come so fast.

    And how come I didn’t realise SanFran is only 12 hours away. Every freaking time I get on a plane I’m on the bastard for 17 hours plus stopover. I think I’ll have to reconsider.

    USA – look out! The Misses S are coming!

  • gidgetknits

    Poor Ricco – Wee Davie sends commiserations! But you’ll have a blast – if you get a chance, nip out of Washington DC to Georgetown or Alexandria. They’re fantastic and Alexandria has Knit Happens!

  • LynS

    Only six sleeps – how exciting. I think the anticipation of travel is such a wonderful part of any trip. Such great cities to explore – you’ll have such an interesting time.

  • Bells

    god it’s getting so freaking close! How likely is it you’ll blog or email from the US? At least you can tweet right? I want at least a couple of updates if you can mange it, in some form!

    The house to yourself. Nice. That’s lovely! I’ll be on my lonesome next week too – but you’ll be long gone by then. #jealous

  • Rose Red

    Gosh this trip has come up so quick (well, it probably doesn’t seem like it to you!). So so exciting!! I hope you can blog or something from there, I don’t want to wait until you come home to hear about it, heh!! So so exciting!!

  • travellersyarn

    Very, very excited for you, but a little voice inside my head is wondering about School Product Yarn in NY? All that lovely cashmere, and I’ve never visited (so I want a report and photos – pleeease?)

  • 2paw

    So exciting!!! Not even a week to go.
    Poor Ricco looks very waterlogged and a bit unhappy. We walk in the rain, nothing a towel won’t fix when we get home!!

  • donna lee

    It sounds like you and your sister will have a whirlwind of a time. I hope it all goes well and all your connections are on time.

  • Sue

    Oh, I am so envious! I love San Francisco – NY not so much but it’s always so much more exciting travelling with someone. Stay safe and warm and yes, blog if you can.

  • Susan P.

    If you can fit in another yarn store while in NYC, try a visit to Habu Textiles. Their yarns are very unusual and beautiful, and you might even make their annual sale.

    • drkknits

      yes ive seen their stuff here. i think im mostly in the market for good cashmere and alpaca that can be hard to get here. ive got 4 stores on the list so far, so that should keep me busy!

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