taking time…

…to smell the, well, not the roses, because they’ve already dropped off. but the agapanthus perhaps?

not really my favourite flower, being an obnoxious weed and all, but they look lovely today. i took the day off just to try and chill out a bit and not get sucked into the frantic whirlpool that is a university at the end of the year. i woke up feeling a bit fragile, but better. a nasty vampire pathologist put a bruise on my arm taking blood, then i had cereal and coffee and mango and yoghurt for breakfast to compensate.  a parcel arrived, to be gifted, but i contemplated knitting something from it for myself anyway:

that red ball of smooshy is preuvian ‘packy from missfee. i have found its perfect match, n’est pas? i have also started a hat, finally, for ma soeur, who turns 40 today.

happy birthday kid xx. then i played with ricco for a while,

and ate some chockies that some other lovely people gave me on the weekend

and im pretty sure that my blood test results are going to show serious chocolate deficiency, because my mood improved considerably after two mozart kugeln.

and i finished one of the papers for the washington conference. they are due by friday, one more to do when i go back to work tomorrow. oh, and did i mention i got a quilt?!

i cant tell you how much all the lovely comments yesterday helped. such wonderful people, thank you so much.

k xx


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