FO: mixed gansey socks

finally, they are done! you know ive only been working on these a year. how slack am i? poor trent got no new socks this winter, but he got these this morning.

the problem was i got bored, and then sock mojo went missing. i started with the diamond gansey’s from wendy johnsons ‘socks from the top up’ and the diamond purl pattern was a little counter-intuitive, so i had to use a chart and that was just annoying.  so for the second sock i switched to the traditional gansey, which was much easier to memorise.

these are really lovely socks. the yarn is patons patonyle, in the new 100g balls. i used almost every single little bit, and i think one sock is a tiny bit shorter than the other. i used the magic loop method with a judy’s magic cast on, on a knitpicks nickel fixed cable, 2.25mm. i love the way it knitted up, so soft and precise in the stitch definition, and the pattern is just lovely with that running ridge of purls along the side and down the middle. i love that textured effect in plain coloured yarn. and i really like the gusset heel on toeup socks, so easy, and i am getting better at fixing that little hole you get at the join.

now that my sock mojo is back, i want to start another pair of toe up boy socks just in time for summer. stripey ones this time i think.

in other matters personal and domestic, we are slowly recovering from the weekend that was. there will be some political fallout, but the emotional turmoil is taking longer to settle. not because of the competition result per se, just my own reactions to things. i have to go back to the dr on monday because my skin condition has flared up again, indicating indeed that it is stress related, and i have had trouble being out and about in the world this week. i have been under the gun something fierce at work, but had a major breakthrough last week winning some funds for a project. now i am trying really hard to scale back and give myself some breathing space. i just forget to breath sometimes! knitting lace is helping, especially now that girasole is right, and flying along. and im trying to get as many cuddles from the dogs as i can.

cheeky wombat! hanging out with knitters this weekend should help a bit too, i think!

k xx


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