missing no more

yesterday i drove down to canberra and back in a day for a govt policy meeting. when i got home, exhausted and brain dead, i was informed that ‘a pick up card from the post office came for you today but ive lost it’. needless to say, said card was quickly found again, because i had a feeling i knew what it was, and i was right. i left work at 4 today and scurried to the post office, where i found this

look at that. the word AIRMAIL scratched out! the postage paid was certainly enough to cover airmail, so i dont know who thought it was ok, somewhere along the line, to decide to send it by boat, but by boat it came. i eagerly ripped off the beautifully wrapped and taped brown paper, cut through miles more of tape, and lo and behold:

chocolate! german chocolate, including my favourite, mozart kugeln, only not in kugeln form!

oh, and yes, there was some wool in there too

squeeeee! that, my friends, is the long awaited wollmeise.

colours and yarns, from left to right are: nobodys perfect (twin) ( i think this is actually midnight); blaue tinte (merino), jutltmonte (merino), ruby thursday (twin) maus ault (lace garn) and merlot (lace garn). george (under instruction to get 2 twin, 2 merino, and 2 lace, in combinations of red, blue or grey) was worried that the jultmonte wasnt my thing but its just perfect, a lovely complex deep burnt maroon that will make a lovely shawl. and the maus ault, oh, how i have wanted that colour for the longest time. they are just perfect, and i am so incredibly lucky that george went to all that trouble to get them for me.

thing is, the timing is a little problematic. we are madly packing to head off to melbourne tomorrow morning  at 5am (with three dogs, in the car, a 10 hour trip), for the australian national flyball championships, and wont be back till monday night. i am a bit underexcited, every nationals there is always some drama, and im just not up to it again, but we have a new team and they are a lot of fun, so hopefully it will run smoothly, and possum will have a good time.

but really, all i want to do is stay home and play with my wollmeise! welcome home precious’.

k xx

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