truly gifted

a week is a long time when youre 42. it brings all sorts of good and bad. lets start briefly with the bad. apparently im getting older. this is the sage advice from my GP who i saw last week because i have had this strange red rash on my face and neck. apparently its stress induced, and a sign of hormone fluctuations. i hate not knowing im stressed until after the event, but now i know i can see how anxious i have been about so many things, thinking too much, worrying too much. even though im feeling better (thanks to a $50 tube of cream for my face), i still woke up at 2am this morning with images of spreadsheets and 3 hour scholarship ranking meetings burned into my brain. only 4 weeks now until i am on leave for a month, and it cant come quick enough. i just need to do nothing, think nothing, for a while!

the good part of a birthday week though is being reminded how lucky i am. the early presents of the handbag and camera were followed up by continued generosity from shelley in the form of silky wool in the most divine teal colour:

then the weekend, which started with my first mango of the season. oh mango:

and then two lunches with some of my favourite people at my favourite place.

donna gave me a wonderful new DPN roll, which means no more plastic sleeve, yay!

and whats this, a skein of wollmeise sock in vamp! hello! is this the perfect red? i think it might be close!

also from donna i bought for myself two new bags, a wonderful new little sock box, i just couldnt resist the green theme:

and one of her awesome round bottom project bags (i bought a DPN roll and needle case for someone else’s birthday but had to keep something for myself), which magically fits a whole skein of wollmeise lace!

on sunday, i had lunch with the rosered family, which may have included more mango:

(and some yummy sticky meringue and fresh cream. mmmmmpavlova…..). followed by lemon syrup cake (made by me!) for afternoon tea!

the lovely rosered bought me this wonderful book:

i think this will be my favourite section!

then on monday i worked from home, really i did,

it was pouring rain and cold and we watched a bit of teev (possum loves the Captain):

then i may have slipped and cast on something with the vamp (rick socks by cookie a):

the festivities were rounded out this morning by the arrival of a package from bells, full of handmade goodness:

so many wonderful things, so many wonderful friends. i do feel really blessed to have got this far in my life, and to have so much love and support around me.

thanks everyone!



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13 responses to “truly gifted

  • Bells

    i think you’re all set for project bags now for a while huh?

    The first mango of the season is always a thing to behold. Mine was two nights ago, with icecream.

  • sue

    Happy 42nd Birthday! Isnt it annoying when your body starts doing things that you dont know the reason for. I think my gp says the same thing but for different reasons. I love all your birthday pressies and Donna’s bags look great. I think I may have to buy myself one of those dpn rolls too, they look great. I hope you have a fabulous year and welcome to the 42 club, lol!

  • Rose Red

    Looks like your 42nd birthday has rocked in terms of gifts and handmade goodness! Bummer about the stress thing, but I guess that’s your body’s way of saying “I need a holiday! (preferably in New York!)”. And aren’t you a good girl for listening to your body and giving it exactly what it wants!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    All your goodies look marvelous!(especially teal yarn) Enjoy the coming time off and DE-STRESS!!!
    I’m going to have to try a mango someday!

  • gidgetknits

    I covert your vamp!

  • Donna

    Birthdays are awesome, are they not? 🙂

  • 2paw

    Happy Birthday and what wonderful gifts you received!! You still feel the same inside, no matter what age you are chronologically.

  • Emma

    Lucky duck, lots of lovely birthday presents!

    Having some time off to do absolutely nothing is very underrated. I’m coming to the end of a week of doing nothing and I’m already mourning its loss.

  • donna lee

    I like the new look! And the red yarn is gorgeous.

    I will agree with you on the getting older part. My body does not want to do what it used to do so easily without pain. I carry my stress in my shoulders and my jaw. I feel it tense and then have to make myself relax. I hope the rash is better.

  • Shelley

    First mango?! *drool* Very nice. And what a good haul! So glad you were spoilt rotten, I was thinking of you from this side of the Tasman. 🙂

    And how’s the rash? Better, I hope. Just think of jetting away soon… 😉

  • fernicle

    Oooaaarrrrrgggghh Mangooooo…(read homer simpson voice). Wish we were going into summer but it has been dark here since about 3pm already…

  • Leonie

    What a lovely Birthday with presents of all sorts that are perfect for you 🙂 The food sounds pretty wonderful too. Jules loves a good mango and I’m a big fan of the pav. Will have to see if I can make one sometime soon.

    Best Wishes for a lovely year. Happy Birthday!

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