my douglas adams year

its my birthday today. i have had a rough couple of days, and even though i had to work today, and am ‘too old’ to make a fuss about birthdays anymore, i really didnt want to have a bad one. its going very nicely, thanks for asking!

it started with a lovely walk along the beach with my family

mornings like this are everything thats good about living here.

then off to work,

where i was bought coffee

and balloons (it was also pink breakfast day, the balloons werent especially for me!)

at morning tea the nice people in my office bought me a cake

i got to put in the request and have it custom made. it was of course, tiramisu. everyone approved. i wandered outside at lunch time to check out the ducks

there is a family of about 10 ducklings here, one of them tried to attack me last week. little bastard. then back inside

to another probably pointless grant application (me, bitter and twisted?)

finally, the drive home,

to see the family again.

is there a nicer present?

i dont think so. we are working on ricco’s flyball training, he runs to get his tug rope now:

and we play for a while, learning to bring a ball over a jump, swapping the ball for the rope:

for dinner we will have pizza and then i will knit and watch glee, and probably go to bed early, because ive been awake since 4am (stupid head). a quiet day, signalling what i hope will be a quiet douglas adams year.

thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes and presents received, and im looking forward to lunches and knitting this weekend to round out the festivities. i do wish the years would stop rushing by so quickly, however!

k xx

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