for the love of lace

sorry, no, not a post about a pron star. rather, i may have mentioned yesterday that i am loving knitting lace again. oh yes indeed. i am really feeling the love. its so nice to have my sock, and now my lace, mojo return.

of course, it helps if you pick the right project and the right yarn. without too much thought, i put these two together:

jared flood and wollmeise (hmm, now thats an idea for a movie…sorry, distracted). after my intial circular cast on angst, i am really wondering what all the fuss was about. look how its grown!

you cant quite see the pattern yet, but after the first chart i switched from the DPNs to an addi circular (which is nice and smooth but not as sharp as a knitpicks), and now its flying along:

although not quite right, this picture is closest to the true colour. i cant believe how simple this is really. lovely big charts

with easy to remember stitch pattern repeats. my only problem is wondering which chart to do more times so i can use up more wollmeise. or should i just stick to the pattern and have enough left to make something else? (first world problem or what!)

k xx

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10 responses to “for the love of lace

  • Rose Red

    heh heh I like your problem!! I reckon I’d make it as big as I could, to use up the yarn – because will you really want two lace shawls the same colour? (although, I do hear of people swapping their lace leftovers for a different WM colour, so that could be an option too!!)

    Look at you go! Yay! Yay for lace mojo!

  • Bells

    oh wow. Flying by! I love this. I really hope it continues beautifully and smoothly. You can pave the way for me because I plan to give this one a red hot go later on. Red. Mmm….

  • LynS

    This pattern has been near the top of my imaginary queue for so long – it’s beautiful – though I’ve been thinking about it in a thicker yarn.

    I’m with RoseRed – use up all this richly coloured yarn. The bigger the better.


  • 2paw

    Yes, me too, knit it all up. What could be better??

  • jp

    I do love this it is stunning.

    I must go stash diving through my lace yarn.

  • donna lee

    That circular cast on is a bear but then when it’s done, it sits there all innocent and pretty.

    It looks soft and pretty. I’d use it up and make it a larger size. I like large shawls.

  • Jeanie Babbage

    I plan on using a dk or sport weight to make this pattern for my Tesla! It really is lovely.

  • alison

    Loving the colour and some things only a knitter can understand. I would make something else because the colour is so fab I’d want to see it more.

  • sue

    Look at you knitting all that lace. I always stuff up my lace pattern somewhere along the line so I give them a miss. Yours looks beautiful in the red too.

  • Emma

    That yarn/pattern combo is stunning.

    I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to adding one extra repeat (I’d be worried about running out part way through), so I’d make something else with the leftovers.

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