FO: Lily of the Valley Scarf

for my birthday last year, DrG gave me a very special book, nancy bush’s knitted lace of estonia. its a truly beautiful book, and there is not much in it i dont want to knit. i ummed and ahhed about the right wool and eventually decided that it needed to be cashmere, as per the pattern, and i reclaimed a lovely skein of jade sapphire mongolian cashmere that was one of my amazing 40th birthday presents, and i started the Lily of the Valley Scarf. i had never done nupps before so i wanted to start with something small and manageable. its taken me a while (and it went into hibernation for a while) but finally, on friday night, it was done:

it had a bath and then a little stretch over friday and saturday nights:

and i unpinned it when i got home from flyball training last night. i cant explain how beautifully it has blocked.

it is so incredibly soft and light and warm, i cant wait to wear it! it is as tall as me (which is only about 5ft2):

and the nupps (some of which were a bit dodgy) have come together just so:

details are: lily of the valley scarf by nancy bush, knitted with jade sapphire mongolian cashmere in bluebood red (none of these pictures do justice to the colour, which does not have the slightest bit of pink in it!), on 3.5mm knitpicks options (short cable). i made one modification only, because i wanted it longer and thinner than the version depicted, so i did some maths (shock horror gasp) and cast on 20 stitches less (43 instead of 63) which meant i didnt need to do any of the lace pattern repeats, i just knitted across as it was charted.

this really wasnt very hard at all, and once i got the hang of the nupps it flew along. the yarn is the most wonderful stuff i have ever knitted with, and im pretty sure this is the most beautiful thing ive made so far. i cant wait to wear it in a new york winter! but more than that, its completely rekindled my love of lace knitting. more about that tomorrow!

k xx


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