going round in circles

i ran into a slight hitch with the whole ‘casting on a new lace shawl in wollmeise’ thing: the dreaded circular cast on (insert threatening music here). ive never done one, and didnt really realise what was involved. the first thing i did was sit down with Victorian Lace Today to try and work out their version,

and i could get the first part, but that was about it, so i switched to emily ocker’s from knitters almanac,

and i could do the first part there too but then i couldnt get the second and third loops to actually appear on the hook. obviously, i was missing something. so i scoured the trusty internet and found a youtube video for emily ocker’s cast on, and i could see most of what she was doing, but she skipped over a couple of really crucial points and i just couldnt swing it. by then i was in tears of frustration. 2 hours of precious knitting time, gone. trent tried to help me even (there was a crochet hook in his hand, i swear) and i think he would have got it actually, but then the whole transferring to DPNs opened a whole other can of worms.

finally, i appealed to the social networking universe and thanks to shelley and tia, was directed to this link at theresa in norway, who thankfully had explained how to do it step by micro step, with some little tricks, and still photos rather than a video which is just so hard to deal with when you have needles and yarn in hand.

finally, a circular cast on was born:

thats as far as ive gotten, i was too scared to touch it again.  so i spent last night finishing the lily of the valley scarf:

i have just finished grafting it together, and will try and block it this afternoon:

on a side note, todays pictures are courtesy of my second early birthday present, a new camera:

(yoghurt container included for scale!). its from trent. its soooo great, i just love it. our old nikon coolpix must be about 8 years old and is falling apart, and i cant take his big nikon digital SLR to the US, and this one fits right in my pocket. it takes great pictures too (though i am still learning about all the settings). i tried to capture the storm that just rolled in:

not quite, but you get the idea. you can expect to see plenty more picture heavy posts in the future!

but after i have a little lie down for a while. who knew knitting could be so stressful?!

k xx

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11 responses to “going round in circles

  • Donna

    Yay for the circular cast on!!

  • Rose Red

    Yay for perseverance (and lovely Trent trying to help you, too funny. Can’t imagine husby doing that for me, heh heh).

    Double yay for new camera!

    Oh, and triple yay for finishing the ruby!! You are on a roll!

  • missfee

    yay for persisting and getting there in the end

    what a great birthday present – and I want to knit that one too!!!!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Now I know where to go for that cast on as I have it in mind to use that pattern for a baby blanket for Tesla!
    I think the scarf will be lovely when blocked and that storm looked like the one headed my way tomorrow, according to the weatherman!

  • sue

    See you got there in the end. I had to watch a number of different youtube videos to learn the provisional cast on until I could grasp it, but I think if I need to do it again I will have to check back to the video again.

  • Bells

    god yes knitting can be SOOOO stressful. You’ve basically captured my experience with circular cast ons. That said, i have ACTUALLY done it – a long time ago and was never able to repeat the experience satisfactorily. But I’ll try the link you showed and give it a go!

    We got a storm too – big dark clouds right when we were painting. Grr.

  • 2paw

    Oh that’s a nice cast on, I have done a cast on like that for crocheting. It is awful when you can’t make your mind understand something.
    I am glad you have your lovely scarf and camera to console you!!

  • Sarah

    Oh well done you for getting it in the end – and for leaving it for something more relaxing!

  • Knitdra

    So glad you cracked it. Makes me want to start Shipwreck over again after I try the cast on via your links. Bring on NYC!

  • Annie

    It will be all easy going now you have the cast on done. Very nice scarf, looks great in red.

  • Tam

    That’s how I learned, and that’s how I do the toes on all my toeup socks, now. It’s a good caston to know.

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