the sad story of the missing wollmeise

once upon a time, an unassuming aussie girl married a german prince. they settled happily in australia, but every couple of years she travelled back to germany to visit with the prince’s family in their quaint little village. everytime she returned, the girl bought with her strange bundles of balls of wool, mostly from a company called regia, and because of this she soon became known lovingly as the german fibre whore.

on a recent trip, our heroine decided to stray further afield from the green pastures of regia sock yarn, and travelled to a little village in lower germany called pfaffenhoffen to visit the legendary queen claudia in her castle of iron and wool. our heroine had a list of things to buy from the german fibre queen, including 6 skeins of various colours for her friend drk. there was much to and froing, much angst about colour choices, and finally the following items were acquired on my behalf:

2 skeins of lace, merlot and maus ault

and 4 skeins of sock and merino. our heroine, under instruction from me, posted these items, partly so theyd get here quick, and partly because i didnt want to weigh down her own baggage. the sad story is, they are yet to arrive. its been well over 6 weeks since they were posted. this little postcard was mailed on the same day (10 Sept) and from the same place,

and it sits on my mantlepiece, mocking me. a monty-pythonesque conversation with australia post (me: ‘a friend posted me a parcel and it hasnt arrived’. them: ‘we cant track stuff but if you give us the article number we can track it’. me: ‘1)make up your mind and 2)how can i give you the article number of something that i didnt post???’) ended with the assumption that given freight constraints on aircraft these days, its likely to have gone seamail. hello? 21st century anyone?

anyway, its not here, and i was sad. until yesterday that is. not because it arrived, because it hasnt, but because my dear beloved germanfibrewhore friend sent me a package:

it contained one of her own skeins of merlot lace that she bought at the same time (plus some yummy german choccies).

she knew i was pining, and was itching to start something lacy and wollmeisy, so she has forfeited her own on my behalf (i will give her my merlot when it finally arrives). thank you george, youre the best! the colours in this merlot are amazing, though for the life of me i cant get it to photograph properly.

but you who have seen it know of what i speak. and even though i havent finished the lily on the valley scarf (i have only the 16 row border to do now) i couldnt help but spend a good hour winding it up into a ball last night:

very careful and very slow i was, but i neednt have worried, not a single knot, not a single tangle. (let me just say that again. 1700 yards of lace weight and no knots. 50g of jo sharp DK, two knots. screw you jo sharp). it made the hugest yarn cake:

in the most mouth watering colour.

its going to be a girasole. i shall cast on tonight. but lest you think i am a fickle fibrewhore as well, im still thinking of those six skeins, out there somewhere, maybe sitting on a tarmac, or lost in a warehouse, or bobbing up and down on the vast pacific ocean.

my poor lost little wollmeise.

k xx

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14 responses to “the sad story of the missing wollmeise

  • Bells

    that bloody german postal service. I still bear scars from the missing box years ago.

    That stuff is divine and it was very nice of her to send you hers. Girasole will be PERFECT.

  • donna lee

    George is a sweet woman to send you her wool. The color is gorgeous! I’d have the urge to cast on something right away, too.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Please feel the extreme envy here…one of my favorite colors and knot-free lace weight! I also feel your frustration. MANY months ago I ordered some Knitters’ Addiction cashmere. It has never been found.

  • Rose Red

    I think the German postal system must have decided you need a good long time to think about the right projects for each of these skeins!

    Merlot is a lovely lovely colour isn’t it! Good GFW friend!

  • sue

    What gorgeous yarn and I do hope your parcel turns up soon. It is never nice when something doesnt arrive when it should at its destination, especially gorgeous yarn.

  • Sue

    Maybe the German postal service has been completely overwhelmed by all the yarny goodness emanating from that small village in lower Germany. The merlot is gorgeous – I am very envious

  • jp

    I am more likely to think it may have gone missing once it was handed to Auspost rather than with the German Post (Call me skeptical)

    She is a lovely friend to share the wollmeise with you.

  • missfee

    perhaps there is a wool lover in customs…
    check out the jobs of the australian wollmeise lovers methings

    Georgie – what a great friend indeed!!!

  • gidgetknits

    What a fantastic friend! And fingers crossed – I had one parcel from Europe arrive about three months after it had been posted. I suspect it stopped off on an island on the way for tequila.

  • ailsa

    That is a sad story indeed.

    I really don’t know whether it is the German postal service or Aust post – but I really hope it’s gone surface by mistake and turns up some time down the track as a pleasant suprise..

    Maybe it’s been held up in customs..

  • Sarah

    Oh my such a horror story – will be keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending! Thank goodness you have a stand in – it’s such fabbo stuff isn’t it?

  • travellersyarn

    I’ve had a box from Germany take 3 months (it was my Addi interchangeables) – they don’t seem to have a way to track sea mail…

    In the past few weeks, I have had a Registered Parcel to Brazil go missing, and a Registered Parcel to Germany go missing – I’m not sure what has happened to the global mail system. My October 1 Wollmeise order still has not turned up as well…

    Good luck, and I’m glad your friend helped relieve your wollmeise waiting frustration!

  • Jejune

    Oh noes! I hope it does turn up eventually! How sad!

    Your consolation prize is pretty bloody gorgeous though – and I love that pattern, it will be stunning.

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