SHOESday: two for one

whats this, two posts in two days? and after id just finished complaining about how much i was working! this one is not my fault though, i have been pressured to do a Tuesday Shoesday post by someone who has a thing for shoes. i dont buy shoes often enough for this to be regular feature, but i struck a bonanza this weekend, so here goes.

on the way to and from the flyball comp this weekend, we kept passing a rivers superstore in ulladulla.

they used to have one here in wollongong but it closed down, unfortunately. so after a leisurely training at milton dog club on sunday morning

we headed back to ulladulla to do a little bit of shoe shopping. i really need sandals. its warming up and i have dodgy feet and i need to wear shoes that are supportive and functional to walk in (its a big campus)  but that dont look like i just stepped out of a nursing home. australian womens summer shoes are usually hopeless in this regard. i have had some success with rivers shoes before, and i was very happy to find these:

they have a slight heel each. i dont usually like slip ons but the red ones have good thick straps that keep the feet in place

and the black ones have a lovely little strap at the back.

i like the fact that these are not too daggy. they are extremely comfortable and fit really well. but best of all, they cost me $54. not each,  but for BOTH! thats right, two pairs for less than the price of one. nice huh? of course, its not warm today. in fact its raining and feels like winter again, so im actually wearing these:

one of these shoes cost twice as much as those two pairs combined. i do love them though, ive worn them heaps this year and they are wearing really well.  sometimes its worth paying extra for the long term quality. speaking of which. when i got back from my walk around campus this morning, this was sitting on my desk.

its my birthday next wednesday, and it looks like the celebrations have started early. it was from my sister:

squeeeee! it is perfect!

a lovely new black leather handbag! exactly what i wanted! i am very fussy in the bag department, and my lovely sister has schlepped all over sydney with me on numerous occassion looking for just the right thing (i am still using the crumpler we got last time we went shopping). she has obviously taken notes, because its pretty much what i would have chosen for myself! its got pockets and an outside zip for easy wallet access, but its big and roomy enough for knitting projects. its lovely soft thick leather, with big silver hoops, and its going to look perfect strolling the streets of new york. i had resigned myself to taking a backpack because i dont have a nice functional handbag. but now i do! weeee! thank you lovely.

it came with a beautiful card:

(which reminds me of anesthesia the rat-speaker girl in the book im reading at the moment (neil gaiman’s neverwhere), which is very cool, and it has an even cooler specially written birthday poem inside. this is my favourite line from sisters poem: “blessed in sisterhood i be”

me too!

k xx

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15 responses to “SHOESday: two for one

  • Knitdra

    No guesses for who inspired the Shoesday post! Great shoes (even if the Rivers ads are just bizarre at times), and really great handbag, perfect for NYC. Not long now… What a great start to the festival of drknits’ birthday too!

  • Rose Red

    That is a most excellent bag – perfect for NYC – so you won’t look like a tourist (I hate looking like a tourist when I’m somewhere like NYC or London!). I’ve been looking for a similar bag for myself actually, with a cross body strap so I can wear it whilst baby-wrangling…I wonder where your lovely sissy got it??

    Mmmm new shoes are always good, even better when they are a bargain, and even double better when they are shiny and red and only one of 12 pairs in Australia!

    • drkknits

      i remind myself of that fact everytime i put these shoes on! and as for the whereabouts of the bag, i believe its ok to tell you its from country road, but dont tell anyone else, because i dont want everyone running around with one. you can get one tho!

  • missfee

    Love the new shoes – and a small heel my dr says is better for your calf – as I wear flats most of the time and get in trouble.
    the bag is fantastic – and the card too – so I am guessing the birthday celebrations are beginning – right about now – hurray

  • sue

    An early happy birthday to you. The little card is adorable and what a lucky girl you are to have such a nice sister to find you the perfect pressie. I love both pairs of shoes, very nice and the wintery ones look great too. I dont think Spring can make up its mind lately!

  • Shelley

    Shiny, shiny bag!

    And those new shoes look good… and very comfy! Score.

  • Donna

    You know we have two Rivers stores in Campbelltown, right? You could come up the hill, shop, join someone awesome for lunch! Just sayin’. 😉

  • Bells

    Oh yes. Oh yes. The red shoes were an investment. That’s evident by how much wear you’ve got from them. And happiness.

    And the sandals are right up my alley. I must get to a rivers store. The one pair of rivers shoes I have been wearing have been so comfy. Thanks for the inspiration!

    New bag! Hooray! Sisters who get this stuff are worth their weight in gold.

  • jp

    Great Shoes.
    Those Riversofts are soooo comfy.

    I love the handbag too

  • 2paw

    I had a green pair of those black shoes, they are really comfortable.
    Happy Early Birthday, your bag ticks every box then??!!

  • GeekKnitter

    I’ve never minded spending a hefty bit of money on high-quality footwear. They last twice as long as the cheap ones, and they’re better for my feet.

    Happy Almost Birthday!

  • donna lee

    The bag looks perfect! I love it when birthday celebrations start early.

  • ailsa

    From someone who hates spending money on shoes I applaud the rivers decision. you’ve got to wade through heaps of crap sometimes, but the good ones are definitely there.

    I like the black ones..

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