ode to possum

so you know how i have dogs right (shared with trent), three of them at the moment, to be precise, and how we run around the countryside doing all these dog sport things, and how one time, earlier this year, we went to do a flyball competition down near ulladulla and i fell over and fractured my elbow? well, we went back there this weekend just gone, to the same place, and i ran possum all day and i didnt fall over, and i had a great time.

but this post isnt about me, its about my amazing dog. i know some people out there arent into dogs, and some people dont understand how much they are worth, how much pleasure they bring, but when you dont have kids, wont ever have kids, dogs are sometimes the only things that make life meaninful. and this one, my little possum, is something else.

you can read about her breed, and her background, here, but i just am so full of love for her today, i thought she deserved her own post. she worked so hard this weekend, and she hardly ever gets recognised for the work that she does, how fast she flies up to the box to grab the ball

how high she jumps on the way back

how she never tires, how she races at 100% all day, how she knows exactly what’s happening, how she listens to the starting lights, how she plants her feet in the ground for grip when its her turn to run, how she pays no attention to anyone except me and the ball and the tug rope. how she never ever makes a mistake. she is a testament to the soundness of breeding dogs for their working ability not their looks, and she is a testament to trents training. she is patient and good natured

she is loving and affectionate

she is my princess. my possumpants.

thanks for a great weekend poss

k xx


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17 responses to “ode to possum

  • Rose Red

    Even though I am a cat person (far too lazy to have a dog), I know what you mean about the joy a canine (or feline) companion brings. How lucky you are to have your possumpants and how lucky she is to have you.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Dogs are wonderful. Possum is wonderful! I don’t have a Trent in my life, so I am looking for someone to help me train the pups when they are older. My hub enjoys the dogs, but he has little to no interest in their education.

  • trent

    great dog , great post, nice ode

  • sue

    What a gorgeous dog you have. Such a beautiful coloring too. I am sure she deserved her own post as she is part of your family.

  • gidgetknits

    Wee Davie has the same bed! I resist seeing him in the same light as having a child, but he’s my buddy. We’re a team. I never got the entire ‘dog thing’ until he bounced into my life. Then the world divided up into the dog people – those who stop and say hello to him and understand when I’m late because he was busy getting up to mischief – and non-dog people. Of course, if I keep going the way I’m going… I’ll also have sheep and cows. There’s a latent farm girl gene somewhere…

  • Sarah

    Oh such a lovely post – she definitely deserves her own post – she’s amazing

  • LynS

    What do you mean ‘she is a testament to the soundness of breeding dogs for their working ability not their looks’? In Possum’s defence I think you should amend that to read ‘for their working ability as well as their looks’. Even though I’m not at all a doggy person, I think Poss looks just as a real dog should look. Great doggy integrity.

    • drkknits

      hehe, its funny you should say that, for the longest time possum wouldnt do anything we asked her, and all we could say about her is ‘shes so pretty’! shes not bred to conform to a ‘certain’ look, as per ‘specified breed standards’, thats all.

  • 2paw

    Oh what a lovely Ode to your Possum, what a lovely girl she is.
    To have such a loving and stalwart companion is a thing of wonder. Dogs really are a woman’s best friend.
    The Labradors send big pats and tail wags to the lovely Possum!!

  • metaland knit

    Possum deserves all the praise she can get I just think she is amazing and if we ever do see each other in person she will get lots of pats for her great work.

  • Olivia

    Well my dogs are not very well trained and can’t do cool things like the lovely Possum can – but do I understand the love and how they get under your skin. I think it’s a different love to kids (I don’t especially want them to be a replacement, but everyone is different). I always say, you can’t leave babies out in the backyard while you go to work!

  • donna lee

    It looks like you all had a great weekend. Good shot of “team possum”. I have never been a dog person (the thought of being licked makes me vaguely nauseaus) but am always in awe of the love and devotion of a dog. They give it all up for their families.

    I just know my cat would be just as happy if he had the opposable thumbs and didn’t need us at all.

  • GeekKnitter

    Aw, what a good girl! Such lovely eyes she has!

  • Bells

    possum is truly a beautiful dog and this is a loving and fitting ode to a wonderful companion! She’s just so pretty!

  • Sue

    Wonderful post as befits a wonderful dog! How lucky you both are to have each other. Here’s to Possum and all the other fabulous four legged people in our lives.

  • Emma

    Possum’s such a pretty dog!

    I like her green plastic throne, does she use it as a lookout? My sister’s dog, Oscar, has a spot that he always goes to when he wants to survey the scene.

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