how long is a piece of string

i am blogging from work today, i have a deadline of this afternoon but i am tracking pretty well, so i thought i would take the time to write a quick post (hopefully i will also get some time today to read other peoples posts! google reader is getting a bit backed up!). and we are headed down the coast again tonight for another flyball comp and i wont be back till sunday night, so i’d best get on with it.

firstly, i have had my hair cut. so what, you say? well, its been a year. thats right, a whole 12 months since i stepped inside a salon. my hairdresser natalie even squealed ‘where have you been and what have you done to your  hair’ when i walked in. this is what it was looking like:

just stupid long really. it mightnt look it here but its very thick and theres lots of it. its been fun to grow and see it getting longer, but you know its too long when you put it in a ponytail and get a headache. so today it looks like this:

a bit darker, a bit shorter. i love natalie, she is not afraid to chop into curly hair and she puts lots of layers in and strips a lot out, but manages to keep it still kind of long.

im pretty happy with the colour too. and she sells that magic moroccan oil stuff. if you havent tried it, and have hair that tends to frizz, get thee to a hairdresser now.

its taken me a while to realise that there is a point at which hair is too long, and i am still having trouble figuring out when is a scarf too long. this is the lily of the valley scarf that i am working on, in the amazing jade sapphire mongolian cashmere,

and my intention is to have this as something nice to wear at the conference in washington, with my otherwise standard black conference outfit. i made it one repeat thinner, because according to the specs in the book, i had about the same yardage, and the book said that the wider version used every last inch of yarn, and i like my scarves a bit thinner and longer. but this is the ball that just keeps giving, and i need to know when to stop. so i dug out the crack scales (this is the single most precious knitting gift ive ever been given, its made me into such a better knitter!) and weighed it so far

and then i weighed what i had left

and then i tried (stop laughing down the back) to weigh the border

because i want to use up all this yarn but still ensure i have enough for the edging. i think i can get another couple of chart repeats, and then the edging, and then surely it will be long enough. you cant have a scarf thats too long right? not a cashmere one anyway.

k xx


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17 responses to “how long is a piece of string

  • Bells

    your hair is amazing. I’ve always though that. It looked full and wonderful before but now it looks even better. Great job Natalie.

    I’m a total Moroccan oil convert now. I LOVE it.

    That scarf is going to be wonderful. Red cashmere to dress up a black outfit is a win in my books.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I love red and black together. The scarf looks awesome.
    I really like your haircut. I usually get my hair cut about every 12 to eighteen months. It is not as thick as it used to be (sign of old age?) but it is far straighter than yours. It does frizz in humidity. much more than it used to.

  • travellersyarn

    Which Morrocan oil product? I have to fight the fluff! Your hair looks lovely, and the scarf is very pretty as well.

    • drkknits

      i put a linky in there, but theres this pure oil that you smooth on your palms or mix with other product. last night she used their curling creme, i am rushing off to get some of that. they also have shampoo and conditioner and treatment masks. seriously good stuff!

  • D

    Wow – 12 months! That’s a long time in-between cuts. Nat is good that way and that moroccan oil is just the right thing for your hair.

  • D

    (That sounded weird methinks….I meant your hair always looks lovely )

  • Rose Red

    Twelve months!! Too long lovey! (the time, not the hair!!). I used to have mine done every 6 weeks (now 8 weeks) – but I do have a fringe, which needs more attention! I think you should at least go every 3 months or so – just to keep it tidy! Heh!! (and eat a piece of fruit!)

    Looks great! But I think your hair always does. So envious of thick curly hair!

    Heh, I did laugh when you weighed the border, you funny! If you do have some yarn leftover, maybe you could make a flower brooch with that (not to wear with the scarf though, that’d be too much!). That red would make a lovely poppy.

  • sue

    Your hair looks great!

  • Vanessa

    Nice new hair. Doesn’t a haircut that is good make you feel smart and alive and sexy!

  • gidgetknits

    I’m off to the hairdresser too – maybe Monday. Crossed fingers I have good results too! And love the red!!

  • Leonie

    Oh the calculations we do 🙂

  • Tam

    ooo, Jade Sapphire cashmere. I was looking at that on the WEBS website the other day, thinking about my friend’s baby whose name is Sapphira Jade… until I saw the price tag! I’m going to get some of it one day, though. You know. After the mortgage.

  • donna lee

    I didn’t laugh when you tried to weigh the border. I’ve tried to weigh piece like that. Not sure how accurate it is but it makes me feel like I’ve got a handle on things.

    Your hair looks really good shorter. My stylist told me when my hair was long “if you’re going to keep it pulled back all the time, you might just as well cut it and give your scalp a break”. She was right and I’ve had short hair for a long time. My husband would love it if I grew my hair and I told him after I let it go grey (and that day is coming), I’ll let it grow. It’s hard to keep the color true on longer hair.

  • ailsa

    Well totally snap! I had my hair cut too, in Dublin. And I’m a Moroccan oil convert also, it’s even good on superfine hair like mine..

    I was always told a scarf should be about as tall as yourself..

    That colour is beautiful – and red suits you so much..

  • Jejune

    Love the hair cut! I wish I had thicker hair, mine is ridiculously wispy and thin :p

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