garden detective

yesterday i managed to run possum at another flyball comp without falling over and breaking my arm. its now nearly 6 months since i took that horrible fall, and i am almost 100%. my physio would not be happy at my non-compliance with the exercises, and im sure i would have recovered better, and sooner, if i had been more religious about them, but the joint itself is fully healed and can weight bear and bend as good as ever. the problem is the muscles in the inside of my elbow joint which shortened very quickly from being in the sling, and are notoriously hard to get straight again. but i ran possum using that arm for her to grab the tug rope and it only sent sharp jabs of pain down my entire nervous system a couple of times! i dont mind when it hurts, because everytime it hurts i know i have stretched the muscle out a little bit more, and i try and use the arm as much as i can. the first time i had to pass possum onto Wizz again (the dog i tripped over) i felt a bit nervous, but it was all good after that. ricco went into the ring to do some recalls over the jump, and after i initially stuffed it up, trent took over and he went really well. hes coming along slowly, which is the best way to train a flyball dog. otherwise, that’s all im going to say about that comp, we ran a put-together team of dogs who hadnt run together before and it was pretty disastrous, although we all learnt heaps.

we left jem at home with a big bone and when we got home, i discovered this:

sigh. i didnt really expect the pots to get away scot free, a few of them have been snuffled in and this one has been turned out twice.

it didnt take me long to figure out what, and who, the culprit was:

i have been blaming ricco, but perhaps not. it rained overnight so ricco and i went exploring the garden this morning for the other half buried bone.

he found some bromeliads trying to flower,

and i found the first of the new hydrangeas:

this bush received a very violent trimming from Someone recently, who likes to take to the garden with a chainsaw, but it has come back beautifully. i wish he would take a chainsaw to the wysteria, which is now threatening everything else along the side fence, including this cherry blossom which i dont remember from last year

and the bottlebrush (callistemon):

the magnolia remains unthreatened however, and now flowerless, has taken over most of the front garden:

meanwhile, ricco found no more bones, but he did come running for a cuddle:

k xx


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