my life is being sucked into the vortex of work. on friday i was at work from 8am until 6pm. i was the last person to leave, and a certain Deanly person may have tapped me on the shoulder like a good girl on the way out! this kind of work commitment is unheard of for me (oh i know lots of you will scoff but i only finished my phd 2 years ago and this is my first real job and when you lose 6 months of your life to the vortex of phd finishing, its nice to just tread water, to breath, for a while). i did have a deadline on friday, but even so, i didnt mind. it was nice, it is nice, to be working so hard, and to be working on things im really enjoying. in february next year we start the process of trying to get my job made permanent and i really want to be in a good position for that. i am not a corporate climber, and i have deliberately avoided a traditional academic path, because i thought this job might be able to take me somewhere, and im starting to see where that somewhere might be. (like washington in december, for example!). so im happy to put in the work now, knowing its going to pay off.

while its nice to be happy at work, it does come at a price. because i have been so busy this week i wasnt able to do my usual overnighter at roseredville, which was disappointing. i only saw rosered herself for what seemed like 5 minutes today at guild meeting, and i didnt even get a proper connor cuddle! i dont get time during the day to skive off for long lunches, or to play endlessly on chat or ravelry, i am way behind on blog reading, and i am getting to the point where i am going to only be able to blog once a week myself. eeeep!

and the knitting is suffering. i have been so tired this week (probably exacerbated by the stomach bug and the start of daylight saving), that i manage only a few rows of the ‘lily of the valley’ scarf every night, before crawling into bed to read a chapter, and crash. speaking of books, i am being sucked back into that vortex as well, which i am actually really pleased about. there is nothing like a phd to kill your love of reading, and because my phd was heavy on the theory, my forays into reading have been of the lighter nature. but i am really enjoying books again, and this is a sample of what i have read this year:

( i have read all the larssons, all the ‘thursday nexts’, and all the southern vampires, three wallanders, and the Book of the Year for me Wolf Hall, not pictured here.). before i started my phd, i read only things with these kinds of covers:

now, im all about the page turning story. well written ones are preferred, (i confess to reading the ‘twilights’ but they made me feel sick, like krispy kreme donuts). currently im enjoying the new jonathon franzen

(although i just read a story in todays paper about this being the uncorrected proof. doh! i was wondering about all those typos!! apparently i can swap it for the edited version as of monday), and i have more gaiman and mankell lined up. i also have to read these two weighty tomes for work,

but im even kind of looking forward to that! weird.  and today, i got a total bargain in the book department. missfee picked me up these treasures at her bookshop of doom:

normally retailing at close to $40 each, look what we got them for!

a very handy addition to the kitchen bookshelf, if i ever have time again to cook properly, that is. and thats not even mentioning all the flyball comps coming up, including a local one tomorrow, down the south coast next weekend, and the nationals in melbourne in a month.

no wonder i feel like time’s flying. less than three weeks and i clock over another year, and in some ways i feel like my life has just begun!

k xx


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15 responses to “vortices

  • Bells

    phew. You make me feel breathless with the overwhelming cramming in of everything.

    That’s a bargain for those books! A bargain! I must have!!!

  • Rose Red

    I forget this is your first “real” job!! Funny! It’s so good to have a job you really enjoy, that is quite a rare thing.

    I just don’t read at all any more, unless it’s a page turner!! Which reminds me, I still need to borrow the latest Sookie, don’t I? Next guild meeting maybe?

    (But I will NEVER read the Twilight books!!)

  • gidgetknits

    Oh, good reading! And there’s another Thursday Next on its way, too.

  • M-H

    This week I have finished The Children’s Book, by AS Byatt and I loved it so much I’m thinking of restarting it immediately. It was slow to get going, but my god it was brilliant. About children from several families in the 20 years up to WWI – of course we know what’s going to happen at the end, which makes it all so poignant. Their parents are wealthy Fabians, socialists, artists; they become students, suffragists, fall in love, have babies… but it’s like they’re living in a dream… and we know how it will end. Highly recommended.

  • donna lee

    Twilight is right out for me too. I couldn’t get into the Larsen books no matter how I htried. I am looking forward to Passages, though. I heard it’s good (but then I hear that about the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!)

    Doing work you find fulfilling is good for the soul. I hope your job becomes permenant. The importance of a permenant paycheck cannot be overestimated!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    You have given me some new reading ideas!

  • jp

    I do agree the books are an absolute bargain.
    Your reading list is inspiring me to use the voucher I got for my birthday.

  • Reecie

    Wolf Hall was my Book of the Year too! I loved it so much and I read somewhere that apparently there is going to be a sequel!! I am looking forward to the new Franzen as well 🙂

  • Bells

    i’m going to re-read Wolf Hall in the new year. I feel like I lost touch with it half way through and it became mechanical reading. I think I put it down for a few weeks. That was a mistake.

  • Emma

    You certainly got those Julia Child books for a steal!

    With the Australian Dollar so strong, I sense a book buying binge is jut around the corner at my place…

  • Sarah

    Oh the work vortex has got me firmly at the moment – but like you I’m (mostly!) enjoying it

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