another road trip. no donuts.

i have dragged myself from my death bed to post, just for you my faithful readers. well, ok, im not really that sick, but i have been hit with a 24 hour stomach bug thing and it hasnt been fun. feeling a bit better now, apart from sore ribs and an abiding queasiness that means i may never eat again. well, ok, yes i will.

moving right along. this long weekend just past involved a road trip, which means photos of scenery, dogs and car knitting. there are pictures of sheep too, so bear with me.

we went to boorowa, which is a little town south of cowra and north of yass. ive been here a few times and really like it.

the october long weekend is the Irish Wool Festival, where the town celebrates its Irish settler wool-grower heritage.

obviously, it doesnt celebrate its indigenous land-owner heritage, but anyway. no need for me to get political ALL the time. they clear the street for a parade and have local produce and music and craft stalls etc. they do have wool for sale, but im not in the market right now (no, i am not) so i browsed and moved on.

i did venture into this store,

which actually used to sell local wool, including hand spun, but now doesnt, and im still disappointed about that. the floats in the parade pay homage to the local sheep, mostly merino

and some a little more part of the family than others. hmmm.

then there is the highlight of the show: the Running of the Sheep,

where a flock of said animals take to the street

and man and dog attempt to drive them in a straight line

there were no major incidents. This time. my own dogs were just tourists this weekend as well, our team wasnt racing in the flyball comp they have here every year

but trent had some Secret Judges Business to attend to so i went along for the ride and to help out. it was great to be able to enjoy the parade for once, and take in some more of the scenery, including this lovely juxtaposition of old and new with a skate park next to a grain silo

ricco and possum were quite taken with the skate park

and i was quite taken with the amazing countryside, looking the greenest it has for years

and bursting with canola.

somewhere in between here and home i was struck ill, so ill that i didnt knit the whole way home, but even so, two socks have grown somewhat.

i havent knit all day today either, which for me means im really sick, but now that i am up and about i think its time for chicken soup and getting things back to normal around here. where ‘normal’ is lots of knitting, of course!

k xx


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16 responses to “another road trip. no donuts.

  • Rose Red

    What! You went to a woolfest and you didn’t buy any wool! Wow…but I guess you are going to NY later this year…

    It’s so nice to see the countryside looking so green, isn’t it. Nice progress on the socks too.

    Hope you are feeling better soon lovey. xx

  • missfee

    i hope you are feeling better soon
    sorry about your tummy bug

    I love the puppy photo and the one with pegs too

  • LynS

    This is the kind of countryside I grew up in. It’s particularly beautiful at this time of year. Almost makes me feel homesick – well, maybe not homesick, but a little bit nostalgic. Glad to hear you’re recovering.

  • jp

    The countryside is gorgeous.
    I hope you are feeling better.

    By the way those I am not in the market for yarn glasses have you patented them?

  • Sarah

    Hope chicken soup and knitting have got you well along the road to recovery. Thanks for sharing your weekend and now I finally know what canola is – I see it all the time in US recipes and never knew it was the same as what we call rapeseed – the things you learn from knitters 🙂

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Being too ill to knit is quite ill indeed! I’m glad you are coming around and hope to see progress on those socks soon. I love seeing pictures of the countryside and the dogs!

  • 2paw

    Ricco and Possum, those young trendy pups, in the skate park with their cool friends!!!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly hope you are much better now?
    I love the Running of the Sheep!! And the family sheep in the car. It’s a bit sad there was a dearth of actual wool though.

  • donna lee

    There are times when I cannot knit in a moving vehicle and other times when it doesn’t bother me. and that’s when I’m not feeling sick. I hope the stomach bug is well and truly gone by now. I love festivals like that one.

  • gidgetknits

    Wishing you more chicken soup and knitting! I like the clothes line shot and who doesn’t want to have a sheep riding in their truck? Cute dogs, too!

  • Sue

    Hope you’re feeling much better! Too ill to knit is very porrly indeed!Love the sheep in the ute!

  • Leonie

    Hope you are on the mend. Maybe you were already coming down with it when you saw the yarn and left it there??? I certainly couldn’t have, you have amazing strength in the face of that yarn.

  • Emma

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    Look at all that canola! I love seeing those vivid yellow paddocks.

  • Bells

    i had no idea about the wool festival! It’s a town we pass through all the time when going to visit Sean’s parents. I must check it out next year.

    Sorry you’ve been so poorly. It sounds like it’s been awful!

    Love the socks on the line photo!

  • Olivia

    Oh dear, those stomach bugs can really knock you out. I hope you have time to take it easy for a few days. Someone recently mentioned something to me about a sheep festival coming up, must have been Boorowa – I never knew about it before.

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