hello mojo or: FO flirtini socks

well well. you finish one pair of socks and look what happens, you finish another pair.

these are the flirtini socks i have been working on for far too long, my first yarntini self-striping club purchase. i love this colourway, but i wanted to make socks for my sister, who does that crazy roller derby thing, and these kind of matched her team colours, and you know, she just had to have them.

so finally, she will. have them (although i am loathe to take them off my own feet). they are not without trauma these socks. they were knit toe up on a 2.5mm knitpicks fixed cable, using the magic loop method. the first one had a short row heel and a normal (but loose) cast off. did not like the short row heel at all, and the cast off was too tight. sigh. second sock used a gusset heel (much better) but was too loose on the leg for sister. attempts at decrease shaping looked, well, stupid, so it got ripped back to the foot and reknitted. finished with a sewn bind off. cuff of sock one then ripped and also refinished with a sewn bind off. much better.

the yarn is amazing. its so soft and smooth, the texture reminds me most closely of koigu. the stripes are so well done, i could have matched them perfectly, if i was that way inclined. which im not. they are close though. love (1000).

i so enjoyed making these socks, i have so enjoyed FINISHING some socks, that i have started another pair.

these are for me to go to NY with, the yarn is Fibranatura Yummy in Grilled Chillies colourway, and its fairly variegated, but i didnt want to just knit plain socks, so these are constructed using one of the neverfail Nancy Bush rib recipes in knitting vintage socks. this particular pattern is the Oak Ribbed socks with a french heel and a round toe, but i might do a different toe. will see how i feel when i get there. i cast on over two needles to get a very loose cast on, and then i eschewed the usual tight rib cuff and went straight into the leg ribbing. the cuff tightness has been an issue for too long, so i really needed to try something different. they might look a bit dodgy here, but i know they will look fine on.

my sock mojo has been MIA since very early this year (i cast on those flirtinis in february). i dont know whether its the weather, or all the car knitting i’ll be doing this flyball season, or the fact that i can not bear to look at another cardigan pattern, but the sock and shawl mojo is back.

look out!

k xx


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18 responses to “hello mojo or: FO flirtini socks

  • Bells

    i love that you stuck these ones out and worked out all the problems and got them right. She’ll be so happy!

    And I love the new socks posed in the tree!!

    I think you’re onto something about avoid the plain socks. I’ve done too many. I’m yawning my way through them and need to find better ways to have ‘on the go’ socks without always reverting to plain.

    Time to hit the books again I think. Thanks for the food for thought.

  • Tia

    My sister is a Roller Derby chick too! Although I’m not gonna knit her socks.. LOL

    What team does she bout for?

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Tesla’s mother likes handknit socks so the last three pairs have gone to her. I just started a pair for me!
    That yarn is really nice looking. is it as good on the foot?

  • knitabulous

    Finally done! What a releif it must be for you, and great that it matches the roller derby team colours.

    I’ve never heard of that other yarn, I’m going to look it up now! Love the colours.

  • missfee

    who stole my sock mojo? I think I know now…

    Great work and love the new ones!!

  • Knitdra

    Both of these look great, luv the Grilled Chillies. My sock mojo is hiding and frogging socks lately has proven to reduce mojo guilt. Good to know there’s hope for it to return.

  • Rose Red

    yay for thereturn of sock mojo! they look great. It is lovely yarn isn’t it!

    Couple of suggestions for the tight cuff, in addition to casting on over two needles: knit cuff on bigger sticks, or add stitches to the cuff and decrease away. Dare I say it – measure your tension, and your leg circumference where the cuff hits, and do the maths (allowing for negative ease). (not that I ever do this, it’s that old case of do as I say, not as I do, heh!)

  • LynS

    The raspberry socks are yummy.

    Good old Nancy Bush socks. Not too complicated, but a bit of variation and challenge. Why not a round toe? They’re my favourites – I like the finished look and I love the way the numbers work as you’re doing them.

    Maybe we should have some kind of group PSC for 2011 – if that’s not a contradiction in terms. Maybe six pairs for the year. We could jointly decide on the same patterns for the year – but in whatever yarns we already had.

    • drkknits

      i love this idea lyn! the socks before these were part of my PSC for 2010 but ive only managed one pair, i would really like to do more! the french toe is my favourite but im willing to try something new, esp if you recommend it!

  • 2paw

    Oh I like your new socks even though the stripes don’t match. Oh No!! Nice new socks!!!

  • gidgetknits

    Socks are always brilliant! I love the colours on the current WIPs.

  • donna lee

    I always have at least one pair of socks otn. One pair has to be plain or easily memorized to take on the train. THe other pair can be more difficult and I’ll only work on those at home. I have folk socks but have never made anything from the book. Maybe I can make something from there as my at home knitting.

  • travellersyarn

    Love the finished socks and the new socks as well. It might just be me, but Nancy Bush is good for my mojo. While unventing is all very well and good, it is sometimes very comforting to just follow a pattern and have it work.

    Nancy recommends “knitting on” for the most elastic cast on – but it might also help to go up a size.

  • Socktoberfest « Bellsknits

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  • Olivia

    That always seems to happen to me, nothing gets finished for ages, and then they suddenly here is a little spurt of finishing projects. I haven’t felt like knitting socks for ages but I’m sure it will come back to me at some point.

  • Anna

    They look fantastic! I’m not surprised you’re having trouble parting with them! It must feel good to have your sock mojo back.

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