going around again

i am not much of a gardener. i like the IDEA of it, but the reality is something different. i am good at the planting, but the whole weeding and watering and maintaining thing appears to be a bit beyond me. every year, i go through this cycle of buying potting mix and putting things in the ground, maybe harvesting a few tomatoes, and then watching it all wither and die. sigh.

nevertheless i spent part of the weekend trying my hand at it yet again. i really want to at least have some herbs for summer, because i use them a lot in pasta and stir frys and salads, so i arranged the pots, got the requisite plants and bag of dirt

added water, and voila:

lets see how long it lasts. note to ricco, i do not need your help with  the digging up, thanks. jem likes to help with the rolling up of the hose though.

i made the three of them sit for a photo when we were done:

its been almost a  year since i took this one of them, as you can see the puppy has grown a little. in the last year he has been rechristened Destructo Ricco because he completely and utterly destroys anything he gets his teeth into. plastic pots, stuffed toys, balls of yarn, lumps of wood, clumps of grass directly out of the lawn. he really doesnt care. lets hope hes not into herbs.

i have had a rather productive weekend, aside from the pots. i finished one sock of a long-suffering pair, and mastered the art of the sewn bind-off in so doing:

this is sock one of a pair i am calling ‘mixed ganseys’, i did the first one as the diamond gansey from wendy johnsons book, and it looks great in the lovely brown patonyle (they are boy socks) but the diamond pattern was annoying as hell and i needed to look at a chart (because im a little simple like that) so the second sock is going to be a traditional gansey because i think thats easier to follow, sans chart. i will cast on the second one today, but first i wanted to finish another long suffering pair, so i did my twisted rib cuff and sewn bindoff, then went back to sock one to redo the cuff and bind off (which was not sewn and therefore too tight).

these will be repaired shortly, and ready to be gifted to my sister. i tried one on and the yarntini wool is so yummy and smooshy, i am going to drag out another skein for me as soon as these are done.

i did all this sock knitting despite going to a football game,

where i did not knit, but rather took notes about alcohol advertising and behaviour, for a work project, and cried a little when wests lost. i might live in the illawarra but it doesnt mean i have to support those dastardly dragons, who were my fathers sworn enemy, and therefore, mine. i would have made a good viking*.

k xx

* obtuse true blood reference


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16 responses to “going around again

  • Ailsa

    At least you get your herbs in the dirt. Mine always end up dying on the front verandah still in the cardboard box from Bunnings..

    What, no up the mighty dragons? Whassamatter witcha? Don’t you know where you live??

  • Rose Red

    I am the same re gardening. Love the idea of it, not so good on the execution. I have one measly pot of parsley and even that I have almost killed several times through lack of watering.

    But I might try again, I’d like some thyme and rosemary and mint, and goodness knows I’ve got plenty of pots and space to plant them!

    At least Manly wasn’t playing, which means they are out of contention. That’s always a good thing in my book!

  • Bells

    i’ve learned with herbs the key trick is full sun. Lots of water (but not too much, ask me how I know) and lots and lots of sun. No shade. Think tuscany and you’ll be right!

    Sewn bind off was a life changer for me – Will still complains his toe up socks are tight to get on. That was Before Sewn Bind Off for me. I’ll never look back!

  • D

    Hmmmm, my herbs/plants/trees come to ‘the farm’ and never see the light of day. Have spent lots of money killing plants. You can grow mine for me maybe 😉

  • Sue

    I have an on/off relationship with plants and herbs, too. Like you, I always feel inspired in Spring.

    I also love the Sewn Bind Off. Thanks to Bells!

  • missfee

    I love the sewn bind off – it is the best

  • missfee

    and I spent yesterday weeding – and wishing for a lawn mower – what have I become…..

  • jp

    Herbs in Summer are fantastic. I put Mint in lots of things – Potato Salad – and Water with Lime.

    So much sock knitting you have done. Great colour.

    I am with you. Just because you live somewhere (Sydney) doesn’t mean you have to support the local team (Swans). So I completely understand the Dragons issue.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    lol ~ your “attempt” on gardening is funny and made me smile 🙂

    I just have to say I hope it works out for you this year and you get some yummy herbs for your pasta sauces ;D

  • 2paw

    Oh yes, the IDEA of gardening is very attractive to me too, but the actuality is horrid.
    Oh, you are so lucky to have help in the garden from Jem. Gilly could Dig For Britain. Peri too!!
    What a lovely picture of all your dogs, Ricco is so big now, but he’s not destructive he’s just a pup!!

  • donna lee

    I can’t even say I like the idea of gardening. I don’t want my hands in the soil and hate dirt under my fingernails. Yes, I can be a princess sometimes.

    I do like the idea of having a garden and maybe I need to do some lottery gardening. THat’s where i buy lottery tickets in hope of winning enough money to hire a gardener!

  • Leonie

    So do you need weekly reminders that it’s Saturday and therefore watering and weeding day??
    The brown sock is lovely and I can totally understand the need to change the pattern for the next. I don’t find referring to charts constantly as a relaxing knit.
    I got out on Sunday in the sun and did a whole pile of weeding and pruned a great big hardenbergia (Happy Wanderer) off the fence beside the drive way as it was pulling the fence over onto the car. I find gardening when angry or frustrated very productive…you are legally allowed to kill plants 🙂 Gardening in this fashion resulted in a PhD and an organised garden at one of my previous houses!!

  • Nardine Smith

    OMG … finally the flirtini’s are done and i will be the envy of all of my skating friends with these lovely booties + just in time for a good wearing in while we’re in the states later this year … woo hoo. I have to admit, that i did see the many other wonderful garments being produced and wonder if my socks would ever become, what they truly could be …. a full sock, with a heal and toe … and at last, as i get teary, here they are! They’re really beautiful, just like my sister! Thanks kylie, you rock! n x

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