FO: Monkey socks

i was meant to be cleaning the bathroom this morning but instead i took an hour out to finish off the monkey socks i have been working on. im glad i did, they are lovely.

you may notice a few things however. firstly, they are not the same.

i quite like the idea of making a pair of handknitted socks where one is slightly different to the other, although i know this sends some people into paroxysms. also, it helps with the dreaded second sock syndrome.

the changes go like this: the first sock is a traditional, exactly as per the pattern, knit and purl monkey. 2.5mm knitpicks bamboo DPNs the whole way, 6 pattern repeats on the leg, six on the foot. it fits nicely, possibly about a quarter centimetre too long, and perhaps a tad tight on the cuff. but when are they not, with my calves?

the second sock has quite a story to tell. i cast on on 2.75mm knitpicks bamboo, thinking this would give me a bit more stretch, with the intention of swtiching to 2.5 for the legs. i promptly jumped in the car for a long road trip, forgetting to pack the spare needles. you may remember, we stopped in berry and i ran into a famous shop there to procure me some 2.5mm needles, which, i was informed, dont exist. huh.

because we were away for the weekend, and this was the only knitting id bought, i thought i might as well just do the rest of the leg in 2.75. i thought it was a bit loose though, and i think i knit a bit looser with bamboo sticks, so when i got home, and it was time to do the heel and gusset, i switched to these:

they are the wonderful kollage square needles i picked up at iknit london, and i knit my favourite koigu socks with these, and they are 2.75mm and did a lovely job, so i stayed with these for the whole foot. they made a lovely smooth slightly tighter fabric than the bamboo needles of the same size and i should make a big note to myself to only ever use these for socks.

the other thing that is different about the second sock is that it is a ‘no-purl’ monkey. so everything exactly the same as per the pattern, but just knit the purls. i like the effect a bit better i think, although the colours pop more with the purls. i love the way all the knit stitches make the pattern a bit more swirly, and less ‘branchy’, if that makes sense. can you see?

the only other thing to note about these is the yarn, which is lorna’s laces shepherd sock in’pilsen’, and i love it. this is the first time ive knitted with lornas laces, and lucky for me i have a lovely purple colourway in my stash, because i want more. smoosh factor high.

and for trent, pictures of the magnolia:

this is one of the last flowers, and i’s so big and covered in leaves now it makes a lovely shady spot on the front lawn.

today really feels like summer is coming here on the coast, there is that salty haze we get on hot days, and the windows are open, and im wearing a tshirt.

none of which means the bathroom will clean itself, however.


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20 responses to “FO: Monkey socks

  • LynS

    The socks are much more interesting than a clean bathroom – and besides, they last much longer. Like you, I love having slight variations in things that are meant to match – like having a secret in their making that’s accessible only to the connoisseur.

  • 2paw

    Yes, I am in paroxysms of unmatchiness!!! You live on the edge!! They do look lovely and I love the swirliness of the no purls too. Oh I am intrigued by the square needles. Are they weird to knit with??
    Jem is a lovely ornament to the magnolia!! It’s drizzly here, overcast and cool.

    • drkknits

      they are a little weird in that they are short and sometimes stab the palm, but they are much easier to hold than round needles and light as a feather. highly recommended (you can get longer ones).

  • jp

    I love Lorna’s laces. It knits up so cleanly and smoothly and wears so beautifully.

    The monkeys look totally gorgeous.

  • knitabulous

    Stupid bathrooms.

    Magnolia are my favourite. I love the little one that smells like juicy fruit chewing gum.

    Cute socks..

  • woolandchocolate

    Let’s see, clean the bathroom or knit…. hmmmm…
    Aren’t you glad you picked the (obvious) right choice? The socks are beautiful!

  • Bells

    oh hooray. they look great. I wish I could try those needles. I’ve longed to. I think they look so cute and light!

    The no purl monkey pattern is one I’ve been meaning to try for ages. I think I like it better. I’ve always loved the monkey pattern anyway but the no purl just works so well for variegated. Yay for Lorna’s laces. It’s been the longest wearing sock yarn in my collection of socks. I will be keen to see how it wears for you.

  • trent

    The magnolia looks fantastic, I love it when people passing, make comments about its flourishness. please post more pictures, please…

  • Leonie

    The thing that gets me with trying to get a multi-coloured skein to end up being matching socks is that if you don’t get exactly the right point then it isn’t going to work, and even then it is unlikely to work unless the person who dyed the original skein was very pedantic about how the skein was wound and dyed in the first place. I still find myself trying to match them though.
    Love the socks. Happy that you were able to finish them and can now enjoy wearing them. Preferably not while cleaning the bathroom!

  • Rose Red

    yay for knitting instead of cleaning! that is always my preferred option!

    I love matching but not socks! And I love LL sock yarn too (hurrah for machinewashableness!)

    And your socks match your magnolia too, weeeeeeeeeee!

  • gidgetknits

    Great socks and I love different socks – I usually do it accidentally! But they feel more hand knitted and because they’re not perfect, I’m less inclined to keep them ‘special’! And I like the dog at rest photo!

  • Knitdra

    They look great and I love the colourway – LL’s have great colours. I’m another in favour of something different in the 2nd sock, though usually by accidental creativity. Can’t wau to see the Magnolia in bloom again.

  • donna lee

    It would make me twitchy to have two non matching socks. l can stand it when it’s just the stripes or colors but the pattern has to be the same. Monkeys are one of my favorite socks to make. They make every kind of yarn look good.

  • sue

    Your socks look great. I find that using my harmony sock needles always makes my socks turn out much better than if I use another pair for them too.

  • Sarah

    Ah knitting on a monkey sock – only about 779% more fun than cleaning a bathroom 🙂 Love the idea of one trad monkey and one no purl and lorna’s laces – love – am yet to knit with it but I’m petting some in the stash petting zoo right now 🙂

  • shellauw

    Oh so gorgeous! Hooray for FO’ed socks! 🙂

  • Anna

    They’re lovely! I think I like the no-purl pattern best. And the yarn looks very nice too! I have some LL winging itself to me at the moment – I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    Congrats on finishing a pair!!

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