heel and toe

it was all about the socks this weekend for me. first, there was a little trip down to kiama with randomknits and knitabulous to watch missfee do her thing and teach the ladies of the kiama knitters guild to knit socks from the toe up on two circulars. i tried to help but was probably more of a hindrance, mostly because i dont use two circulars (i was taught magic loop and it just seems easier now) and judys magic cast on is something i do by instinct. to try and explain it to people was a real challenge! (there was also much coffee drinking, nattering, lunching, and a small matter of the vanilla slice from hell. a great day all round).

i took all the socks i currently have on the needles down with me, and while i was there i worked mostly on the flirtini socks that have been hibernating in the naughty corner since that slight sizing and shaping problem some months back. i had ripped it back to the foot, so was able to redo the heel, and i did this second one with a gusset heel:

mostly because the short row shaping of the first heel looked just ghastly:

i think the gusset is better, but there are some holes in it i dont like, and this was beginning to be enough to swear me off short row heels and toe up socks for the rest of my knitting days. but then i remembered that the diamond gansey socks are toe up, and a gusset heel, and that seemed to work ok:

perhaps its the yarn? the yarntini is a fair bit loftier than the brown patonyle, and i think stripey yarn shows up odd in wrap and turns, so there’s that lesson learned. but the magic loop toe up is really very fast. i worked on the flirtinis again in the car on sunday and they are now well up the leg.

i do love top downs though, i only have 4 more pattern repeats on the foot of the nopurl monkeys:

and there is something about the gusset heel on a top down that just looks so much better, dont you think?

do you have a preference, or some secret tips i should know about?

when not out and about on the weekend, i have been working on adrift.

i cast it on on friday night, checked and rechecked my stitch count (with the aid of lots of markers)

and last night worked the short row shaping for the neck.

the wrap and turns look fine here, although i think there is a special way to pick up the wraps on your way back that i need to know about, but otherwise, this is going to be gorgeous. long rows though. 278 stitches to cast on. let us not speak of the 580 something after the increases….

k xx

(todays styling courtesy of the hanging-over-the-side-fence-wisteria)


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16 responses to “heel and toe

  • bells

    I will never do short row heels ever again. And I mean that. i hated the one I did. I’m a gusset flap girl, toe up or top down. I like some of the shaping variations in Knitting Vintage Socks. The German (or is it dutch?) heel I’ve done for Sean several times remains my favourite top down variation on the gussett heel.

    Adrift is going to be spectacular. I think Ailsa’s had a lot of influence on you with that sort of styling.

  • gidgetknits

    All that sockie goodness!!!!!!!

  • sue

    Look at all the socks, you will definately be prepared for next winter. I still havent knit toe up socks yet and I still havent learnt the magic loop or circs for socks either. I think I need someone to sit and show me instead of my trying to watch tutorials on youtube!

  • trent

    hows the magnolia? why are there no pics of it? is it still alive?

  • 2paw

    I did try short row heels, but I must have a square heel flap and turn heel not a nice short row one.
    I love your socks, and you have inspired me to search out he three half pairs I have!! It is almost sock kitting weather.
    So many stitches but such lovely wool!! I think the starting off part is the most stressful!!

  • LynS

    Like Bell, I really like the Dutch Hell variation Nancy Bush sometimes uses. It looks a bit bizarre off the foot, but fits extremely well once you put it on. Still haven’t tried toe-up. I got as far as buying Wendy Johnson’s book, but no further – very unadventurous.

    I’m so looking forward to ‘Adrift’. Love this pattern

  • Ailsa

    Thanks Bells! I was always led to beleive I was a bad influence, so I’m loving that you think I’m the opposite..

    Adrift is a great knit. Awesome colour choice too. I’ll see you wearing it in 2012.


  • RoseRed

    I hate short row heels. I’ve done them, but am not a fan. There is a way of doing the wraps that hides them fairly well, but I can’t remember which blog/tutorial/book I got it from. I think the secret is always picking up the wrap from the “front” of the knitting (ie the right side).

    I prefer a gusset/heel flap too, either on a toe up or cuff down sock. Bu I don’t think I’ve done any of the variations on the regular heel flap. I should, I suppose!

    Re Adrift – just don’t think about it – just knit!

  • D

    Hmmm, I started my adrift at Bendy…it will get finished one day. (I can’t remember the last time I picked up a sock to knit so will live vicariously through your sock knitting).

  • Sarah

    Beautiful sockies – no short row heels for me either – I don’t think they fit nicely – I’m a top down heel flapper by instinct 🙂

  • travellersyarn

    Wow, we all hate short row heels? Picking up the wraps has always seemed dead fussy to me, and without a really pretty pay off. Love the colour of your adrift.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I’m amazed at just how many pairs of of socks you’ve got going on, I’m still trying to get one pair done! :/
    …maybe I should give them to you to knit ;D

    Adrift is lovely, can’t wait to see this finished 🙂

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