dancing and drifting

its been a hectic week here, so much going on at work, we have a new associate dean research and hes all gung ho and full of ideas that it becomes my job to implement, im moving offices, my minion is doing a great job, my own research projects are getting bigger than ben hur, and we’ve booked the flights to the US (weeeeee!!!) and then theres socialising and flyball training and knitting and, well, its just exhausting!

last night i fought through the haze of weariness and went to The Theatre (you must say that with a posh pommy accent) to see Bangarra Dance Theatre perform their new show ‘of earth and sky’ at the illawarra performing arts centre:

i havent seen these guys for a few years, and i was really looking forward to it. they did not disappoint. the first act was called ‘riley’ and it was a set of pieces influenced by the beautiful photos of indigenous artist micheal riley.

these were amazing contemporary dance pieces, stark lighting, syncopated music, very haunting, especially the womens bible piece. the second act was the ‘earth’ part, called ‘artefacts’ inspired by the indigenous artefact collection at the south australian museum (or gallery, i cant remember which), but the point here was to demonstrate the way that indigenous ‘objects’ that we see only in museums, actually relate to a still-living culture and practice. so it opened with this beautiful possum skin coat coming to life, out of its dusty cabinet, and moved on to celebrate the items of everyday mens and womens work. interestingly, there was a piece called ‘weaving’ that was about the amazing pandanas mats that indigenous women make, (bells saw them making beautiful baskets recently)

at the end of this piece a beautiful gigantic set of ribbons was raised to the ceiling so that it hung down on the stage, like the strands of pandanas, and the men and women performed a beautiful piece together that used the symbolism of weaving to demonstrate men and women working together (well, thats what i thought it was about anyway!). it was just wonderful, if you get a chance to see bangarra, make sure you do.

i didnt take any knitting with me, partly because i didnt think i would have time, and partly because i am kind of in between things. i have nearly finished a pair of socks, and have a few more repeats on the lily of the valley scarf to go. but i havent done much on either of them because i have been swatching. yes, swatching. damn you liz gemmell and all your talk about no-knitting-shortcuts. i did her workshop at guild a little while ago, and a lot of what she talked about has stayed with me, so the first thing i did when i got home after last weekends guild was swatch the madeline tosh merino light

to see what it would look like, and what gauge might be so i could work out what to knit with it! this is pretty close to the colour

and im thinking some kind of sleeveless or short sleeved a-line top, like buttercup, or elvira. i cant decide. i have decided not to decide right now though, because im thinking it might be more practical for me to work on adrift, for which i have also been swatching.

its lightweight (3ply baby wool) but would make a good layering item in new york (should i say that again do you think? that im going to new york??!!!). and its red.

boy is it red. my only problem here is i have to cast on 200 and something stitches. eeep. i should force myself to do it this weekend though, or it will never get done. and my sister wants a hat and some socks to take to the US, and i was thinking of a hat for myself too, and look its september, and the magnolia is now nearly fully covered in leaves

and where the hell did that year go?!

k xx


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14 responses to “dancing and drifting

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Time passes too quickly these days… the older I get, the faster it passes. Your yarns and swatches look like you have plenty of work (fun) lined up!

  • 2paw

    I don’t know where it has gone. I think as you get older, the percentage of your life that a year represents gets smaller, so each year goes faster???
    Lucky you, seeing the dance company.
    I love the green colour, it is so lovely and yes, the red is very red.
    Are you going to NY then??!!

  • Ailsa

    i’ve been looking at that performance, i know nothing of such things but thought that it would be an uplifting thing to do.

    madtosh is looking really beautiful, the gloss of the single is so appealing!

  • Ailsa

    and by all means say it again.

    you’re going to new york!

  • bells

    they included pandanus mats! Nice! I would have liked to see that. I feel like I don’t ‘speak’ dance. Maybe you just have to appreciate it – not necessarily speak it.

    The green is fab. I really, really love it.

  • Rose Red

    Are you going to New York? Really? I’d have never known!!

    Good girl doing your swatches! The green is even nicer and more emerald jewelly in real life than in these photos. Lush!

    Bangarra sounds great, although, as with moden art, I am not much good at the interpretation. Good to have the photos and programme to help!!

  • gidgetknits

    Laying in New York… you really can’t say that enough! And that looks chic! (I used the word ‘chic’…)

  • Knitdra

    Wow you have been busy, very impressed with your swatches too and so wish to be carrying your yarn suitcase to NYC for you! Have yet to see Bangarra always seem to miss them will keep an eye out.

  • sue

    The Bangarra show sounds wonderful! Your swatches look fantastic and the red is very bright isnt it, one of my favourite colors!

  • missfee


    I think you should remind us all every post so we can be as green as that gorgeous madelinetosh!!!
    I could not decide which one I like better – the green the red the green all delicious

  • trent

    love the magnolia, keep em coming.

  • donna lee

    We are getting a new CEO and this one is an infectious disease specialist. Very good for flu season precautions but not so hot for us over here in behavioral health. We’re all a little nervous.

    I love the green swatch. the color is glorious. Layering in New York (we’re thinking of going there next weekend to a MakerFaire) is the best idea. It’s hard to tell how warm/cold buildings will be.

  • jp

    The Greenand the red are stunning.

    Celebrate your New York adventure

  • Emma

    I used to scoff at my Dad when he complained about time going quicker as he got older, but now I think he’s got it right.

    That green is stunning, the subtle variation is just lovely.

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