once a month, on a friday

i have developed a little routine. it involves using my flexi-day from work and getting on a train

finding the right seat,

knitting and listening to music (the temper trap‘s ‘conditions’ being my new favourite album)

for the nearly two hour trip north along the coast and the spectacular view across the pacific:

through the royal national park,

into sydneys southern suburbs

and towards the city.

from there, i head even further north to stay over at rosered’s place, where i play with the bay-bee

and do some cooking. this week i made char sui pork for dinner, while rosered did a heap of baking for morning tea at knitters guild on saturday.

i am very much enjoying the new guild venue over at surry hills library

its a beautiful big light and airy room,

and this week it was full of the usual great people showing off their latest amazing array of handknits (and strangely, some crochet!). i forgot to get pix of that sorry. then its out to crown street,

in search of sustenance with wonderful knitty friends

(organic eggs and ham at bird cow fish. yummo). this little trip may also have resulted in some accidental stash acquistion:

madeline tosh merino light in a gorgeous deep dark green called moorland. my phone camera does this colour no justice at all because im not usually into green but everyone agreed this one would suit me, and i couldnt really resist. i have 1200m here and im thinking of some kind of layering, swingy tee or tank.  my current thoughts are tending towards resizing sage remedy for 4ply, or something like elvira. thoughts or suggestions anyone?

then its home again via central underground (track work on the country lines again)

to crash in front of three football games last night, two rugby league finals and the rugby union test. i do so love september! speaking of which, spring really has arrived, with the wisteria bursting into flower suddenly

and the magnolia in all its glory.

i just want to finish on some amateur philosophising. the thing i like most about travelling up to guild meetings once a month is the people. ive talked before about the joys of knitters as friends, and of course, there are plenty of people who knit that i am not friends with, and that i dont need to befriend either. but this last couple of weeks, i have been reminded yet again of the power of the People Like Us. we are not perfect, and we have disagreements, and irritate each other. sometimes we even hurt each other, as humans are want to do, but i have been reminded yet again of how much these kinds of friendships are worth fighting for. how lucky we are to have each other.

k xx

(note: sorry about dodgy picture qualities, both digital cameras have no batteries at the moment, so these are all phone camera pix!)

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