duck season

is knitting seasonal?

im beginning to think it is, to some extent, because i find myself suddenly unable to contemplate the knitting of a thick cable cardigan. partly this is because this year has been the Year of the Cardigan for me. a mountain view, two featherweights, and a summer solstice, not to mention two little boy items. thats a lot of garments, for me.

i sat down to knit the other night and for the first time ever, after only casting something on the day before, i had no interest. i know im easily distracted, but really? 24 hours and im bored?

it occurred to me that it wasnt just boredom. it was gut feeling that something wasnt right. rosered asked me what my gut feeling was, and i said ‘doubt about that item for me, doubt about that yarn for that item, and doubt about the pattern itself, in terms of its ease of instructions (or lack thereof)’. it occurred to me that this was a lot of gut feeling, and i would proceed at my own peril.

i have decided not to proceed. not at this point. i would not normally have moved straight to another cardigan, at this time of year, and if i was going to it would have been adrift. the only reason i started landon was because i wanted to wear it in america in december. that, my friends, is a deadline, and if there is one way for me to kill a project, its put a deadline on it. so landon is hibernating. it may yet reappear, possibly as a bruegel, which means i never really did make up my mind about that either.

do not despair, however. i am not completely self-will-run-riot, not just yet. i felt like knitting lace, and something delicate and difficult, as opposed to the soft squishy yet somehow stodgy four ply yarn-overs of the stonington (its like the bread-and-butter pudding of lace knitting, really). so rather than cast on something new, even though my fingers were twitching (silk lace weight and annis calling my name in particular), i pulled out something that was hibernating, and that will be just as useful in a cold washington winter as a 10 ply jacket, and that is the lovely estonian lily of the valley scarf in jade sapphire mongolian cashmere:

now that i am past my fear of nupps, and have conquered the art of LOOSELY making 5 stitches in one, this is flying off the needles.

its so soft, so beautiful, i dont know why i stopped in the first place. once this is done, i will let myself cast on something else very lacey and complicated.

summer is also when i seem to get my sock mojo back, and im pleased that despite recent weird discussions about needle sizes, i am nearly at the heel of the second monkey sock. i am doing the second sock no purl, the first one is purl and looks good

but the no purl looks better so far. the yarn is lornas laces shepherd sock in ‘pilsen’. oddly enough, the sticks are 2.5mm knitpicks harmony DPNs.

at least, i think they are!

k xx


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12 responses to “duck season

  • Rose Red

    I have learnt (or have I failed to learn?) the importance of listening to your gut, when knitting. So good call on the Landon, I say!

    And also good call on pulling out that gorgeous cashmere lace. How wonderful to wear that in NY and Washington!!

  • jp

    As I wrote the other day the Yarn will Decide. Your feelings are all indicators that it was not right (either for now or at all). Play elsewhere for now.

    That lace looks yummy!

  • 2paw

    I think you are right to go with your gut feeling. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…..
    Oh the socks are so pretty and no purls makes them much easier.
    Nupps aren’t as bad as they seem, once you have a go at them.

  • trent

    its wabbit season, anyways!

  • Ailsa

    When I first saw the pictures I thought ‘she started something new and she’s gotten this far already?! Wow!” The fear of nupps is vastly exaggerated, especially if your yarn has a little give.

    I’m a little in-between myself with the garment knitting. I haven’t finished anything since those pink gloves before bendigo – such a long time ago!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Lace scarves are wonderful, and that really will brighten Washington in December 😉 Nupps, like everything in life, only require a little practice.

  • Sue

    You are so disciplined and I am so impressed! You could be suffering from garment fatigue after all those wonderful cardis. Love the scarf and the socks are so pretty!

  • donna lee

    I am having the same feelings about a sweater I just started. I am not fond of the fabric, I am not thrilled with the yarn, I am not enjoying the whole experience. Maybe this was not meant to be. I am enjoying the socks right now and that’s good enough for me.

  • LynS

    I’m so impressed that you returned to something that was hibernating. I think this is real knitting virtue.

  • Emma

    I agree with you, there’s no point forcing the issue if you’re not into the project. It just makes you resent the project, I reckon.

    The scarf is really pretty, it looks so light but warm in that yarn.

  • Jejune

    Oh, gorgeous sock!!

    I hate deadline knitting too, it takes the enjoyment out of it for me. One of the reasons I don’t knit for the Canberra Show and suchlike.

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