road trip with donuts

*warning, very picture heavy post! enter at own risk!

so yesterday, friday, we headed off late morning for our annual pilgrimage to kioloa beach where there is a flyball competition held at the caravan park there. its usually a great weekend away, (although something always goes wrong with the team but let us not speak of this), and i had intended to take a whole heap of pictures that would explain flyball somewhat. i know not everyone is into dogs, and thats cool, but trent and i share three (two from our previous marriage, plus ricco the rescue), and we still do dog sports together. we got into flyball many years ago because we had a tennis ball crazy dog called scout, who would break out of our house on abercrombie st and go and steal the balls off the sydney uni tennis courts, and i saw this flyball thing on tv and thought she would be good at it. she was, but she didnt live long enough to really succeed. but her owners were hooked, its just as much fun for the people as it is for the dogs, and of all the dog sports its the only one you do in a team with other people and their dogs. which can be great fun. it can also be really f*cking painful. but we are with a good team of easy going people at the moment, and all is well (touch wood).

but i digress. after you spend about a year training your dog, you travel all over australia (well the east coast mostly) to compete against other teams, in one or two day competitions. we often compete at the big rural shows, like the canberra royal, and the sydney easter show. this was meant to be just a small comp, where everyone travels down to kioloa (halfway been ulladulla and batemans bay) on the beautiful south coast, hires cabins in the caravan park, do flyball, have bbqs, and take the dogs for runs on the beach.

this year, however, it rained. it rained the whole way down, from the minute we left home. our first stop was berry

mostly because i had forgotten to bring my 2.5mm DPNs with me and thought i might grab some from ‘sew and tell’ the little shop you can see on the right hand side of the road. this is a great shop, with a terrific range of yarns, however, the shop attendant wanted to argue with me about whether or not 2.5mm needles even existed, because they didnt sell them and most people made socks on 2.25 or 2.75 so obviously i had no idea what i was talking about. sigh. after that, i needed sustenance from the famous berry donut van

mmm hot freshly cooked cinammon donuts

from here, we wound our way through dairy country

and past nowra into the coastal rainforests

and then turned off the highway into bawley point and head further south along the coast road to kioloa beach

where kangaroos roam freely.

they were out in force this weekend,

probably because its not tourist season yet. we had time to let the dogs have a run on the lovely kioloa beach

and then walked along the headland

and out to the point

it was a fantastic day, i love the ocean in winter, all that grey thundery melancholy! great for photos, great for dogs exploring:

or just looking.

i found the stick figure instructions for this new rescue device amusing:

and possum just loves jumping into the waves. in this photo, you cant see, but she is swimming along as trent walks along the breakwater.

we sat for a while and i did some knitting,

i only took this one sock with me (my plan was to do the cuff on 2.75 then switch to 2.5, alas, the whole leg gets done on 2.75 now, no thanks to sew and tell!), and i have nearly got the whole leg done. then we went to the caravan park to set up our gear, and finally drove back to milton to our friend and team mate rosie’s house (along this road somewhere):

where she had the fire going and a casserole in the oven, which was good because it was still raining. and really cold. we got up at 5am this morning, to head back down to kioloa, without coffee and muffins from the ulladulla mcdonalds (which was closed due to an overnight robbery. its all happening on the south coast today). it rained the whole way down there. it was pouring when we got there:

and this is as close as we got to doing flyball this weekend. poor puppies.

oh well. at least we had donuts!



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15 responses to “road trip with donuts

  • Melissa

    Yay for donuts! Boo for rain and unhelpful people. It looks like it would be a lovely place when the sun is shining.

  • Shelley

    Lovely photos! Miserable weather, but gorgeous photos! At least the dogs had an exciting outing.

    Still gobsmacked by the woman in Berry. No 2.5mm’s indeed. All my sock are on them. Heh. Silliness.

    Anyway, home sweet home! Enjoy a snug weekend in your own house.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I love the Oregon beach because it can be like that any time of the year. It can be very warm one day and the next can be cool and drizzly or cold and very rainy.
    My hub isn’t into that much in the way of organized activities, But I think it would be fun to watch. I don’t think I have the physical stamina to participate..

  • Rose Red

    great photos! It looks like a fab place – I have never heard of it until now. Look at all those kangaroos!

    And donuts – so envious!

    I too knit many of my socks on 2.5mm sticks!

  • missfee

    YAY for donuts
    boo to sew and tell and shop assistants who know nothing about knitting – I had an odd conversation about needles with them too a while back
    love all the photos – bring on more photos I say

  • 2paw

    Oh no, at least you did have doughnuts and a nice walk/swim on the beach. It has been raining torrentially here since last night and hasn’t stopped and doesn’t look likely to.
    Yes, I have found some people disavow 2.5mm needles too!!!

  • Ailsa

    Berry donuts are the best donuts on the planet.

    I’ve never been a fan of the krispy kreme, I think it’s because the Berry donuts from my childhood set the bar too high!

    Shame about the weather. Still – road trip – can’t be all bad, and it looks like it wasn’t.


  • jp

    Hmm Berry Donut Van is a must stop on trips to the south coast!

    No excuses necessary!

  • travellersyarn

    I love the beach on grey days. Don’t you love completely nonsensical arguments – make you tear your hair out…

  • LynS

    I love beaches in winter – clearly your dogs do too. Like others, I’m surprised by the conversation about 2.5m needles. I’m another who uses them for most socks and have never had trouble finding them.

  • donna lee

    There is something about a beach in winter. I love the loneliness of it and the grey/blue colors. The dogs can keep the cold water!

    If 2.5mm needles don’t exist, then what have i been using all this time?

  • Tinkingbell

    Love the summer solstice – and so lovely to catch up on bendi! Finally catching up on the blogs after assignments and prac – sigh! And the donut pic made me hungry!

  • Sue

    The dogs look so miffed at missing out on flyball – poor puppies. Glad they had a good time on the beach to compensate.

  • trent

    how come there are no pictures of the magnolia?

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