careful what you wish for

it did not escape my attention the other day that moaning about being cold was more than likely to bring on the heat, and then i would really have something to moan about. and so it has come to pass. well, nearly. i took the dogs for a walk yesterday morning along the sand dunes behind the beach and had to take my jacket off. the dogs felt it too:

all through the beach scrub the wattle was out, and a hundred other wild flowers. i especially love this grass, and the pattern it traces in the sand as the breeze moves through its leaves:

at home, the magnolia is fast becoming more leaves than flowers:

and the sky is cloudy now with an impending storm. the camera used a flash for this close up, and i had to share it. you can almost feel the velvet waxiness.

soon these will be all gone and there will be big glossy leaves and cool shade underneath. today i wore my new cardigan to work and it was almost too warm. already! this early warmth is a little unseasonal, it will cool down again as the rain starts, but its been lovely to feel the warmth coming back into the sun, and to notice the smells of summer approaching. today i can even smell smoke in the air, but thats probably just a back burn on the escarpment because it wasnt windy today.

my favourite smell from spring though is jasmine, and i have a pile of it tumbling over the back fence.

im not sure which sort this one is, maybe a multiflorum (or star jasmine). my favourite one is the pink or white jasmine (polyanthum) and the next time i am home for the weekend i am going to plant some along the hot back fence. im not much of a gardener, things tend to die on me, but every year i always try to grow something, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, and i will try again this year!

meanwhile, i am trying something new in the knitting department, having cast on for landon a couple of days ago. this was not in my regular schedule, coming into the warmer weather, but now that i will be in the northern hemisphere in winter, i figured i might as well try and get it done in time. last night i started the cable panels that run along the front:

knitabulous taught me how to do the cable without a cable needle, its only a 2 stitch twist everytime, so im hoping i can manage it.  ive never done anything with cables before, i think they are a bit bulky for me, but this pattern has a delicate running trellis, and i am modifying the pattern so that there is only one panel down the front rather than two, and will be putting in button holes for my wonderful silver buttons.

i wont get to work on it this weekend though as we are headed down to kioloa for our annual flyball competition by the sea, so hopefully i will come back with a finished pair of socks and some more pictures of the fabulous australian coastline.

k xx


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13 responses to “careful what you wish for

  • gidgetknits

    I loved my first cables – felt very clever and in the right place, they don’t bulk things up. And there’s nothing better than knitting for a trip!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    Sorry to see the magnolia blossoms ending but I love the fragrance of jasmine. I used to be more involved with the yard work, but I guess ‘old age’ is creeping in faster than expected.
    Cables are fun to work and the resulting fabric usually looks very classy. I look forward to more peeks.
    I should probably consider training the pups for agility or flyball. I’d have to find a handler though as I don’t think I’m up to the challenge!

  • jp

    Cables are fun. And so elegant
    Happy Flyball weekend.

  • Rose Red

    Funny how your magnolia is almost finished with the flowers and mine has only really just started! I have a jasmine plant (in a pot) you can have, if you like – it was a gift and I’ve nowhere to plant it (might be a bit rootbound, but I’m sure it’ll go fine!).

    I went for a walk today too and it was lovely to see and smell the jasmine and freesias in the gardens around here.

    Cables are great! And a lovely two stitch cable won’t add bulk, just a lovely little feature I reckon.

  • Ailsa

    It was beautiful today – I went to the gym in a fit of spring energy – I noticed some heady smells from the spring flowers today too.

    The smell I got wasn’t jasmine though, it was some kind of magnolia – the one that smells like juicy fruit chewing gum. I love that one.

    I think your cardigan has a few wears in it yet…

  • shellauw

    Our magnolia is still just flowers, and we have the perfume of freesias and jasmine wafting on the breeze too. But I saw a forecast for 25 degrees for your part of the world the other day. That can’t be right, can it?

    Cables are lovely, and cables without the needles are great fun. Its very rewarding to see them grow and (un)wind around your knitting. Enjoy them.

    Lovely picks. I really should visit our beach. When I can be seen in public again, of course… 🙂

  • 2paw

    I have jasmine on my back fence!! The camellias are out and this is because we are having driving rain and wind to blow all the flowers off.
    Typical, a lovely new cardigan and the weather is warm!! I can only cable without a needle if it is two stitches. Any more and I spend all my time picking up dropped stitches.
    Hey ho hot dogs, what a lovely place you have to run and play!! Jem looks so happy, and I clicked on your Dog page and Ricco has grown so much, he was such a cute puppy. Did Possum swim at the beach???

  • Sarah

    Yay for lovely beach photos

  • donna lee

    Your magnolia is such a pretty color. I grew up in a town called Magnolia and there were many of them around but they’re not the deep pink of yours.

    The first cables I did were on a practice square and I was smitten. I love the cleverness of them.

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