Finished Object: Summer Solstice Cardigan

i woke up this morning in a scarlet ohara frame of mind, with the sun shining,

social engagements and a new cardigan to wear.

this has taken about 8 weeks with a week or so break in between for connor’s cardigan, and for a garment my size, and only a couple of hours knitting time a day, thats not bad going. i can not tell you how happy i am with it. the yarn blocked beautifully and became very soft and drapey and the fit and colour are perfect.

details are as follows. pattern: summer solstice by heidi kirrmaier.

yarn: elsbeth lavold silky wool in ‘vintage denim’ purchased in a webs sale for around $7US a skein. it took almost all of 8 skeins, so cost the grand sum of about $75AUD.

sticks: knitpicks options 4 mm all round. its possible i was supposed to use smaller sizes at some points, for the picking up, i might have done that but didnt put it in my notebook. oops.

mods: very few. i did less frequent decreases in the arms because i didnt want it too tight so that i could wear layers underneath. i knitted the sleeves to the actual length of my arms, rather than the pattern length. i didnt do the whole yoke-into-sleeve at one time because i wasnt sure if i would have enough yarn so i put the sleeves on waste yarn and came back. i think i also did some extra length in the body. if i was doing this again, and i would, i would get an extra skein and knit the collar another inch wider on either side and maybe do some kind of closure, just to bring it all the way across for windy days like today!

what i learnt: provisional casts on arent that hard. yokes knit sideways are easy and flattering. picking up hundreds of stitches for a collar takes hours. waist decreasing and side shaping is a very good idea. tape measures are your friend. cardigans with a bit of nylon in them are light and breezy and will wear well. all this makes kylie a very happy girl!

thanks to the wonderful knitabulous for the pictures!

k xx

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