summer too far away?

i am a fan of winter. i love the cold, i love the atmosphere, i love rugging up in woollens, i love the fashions, i love the knitting. i love that its not hot. but today, im sick of it. its been surprisingly cold here by the coast this year, lots of wind whipping up from the southern snow fields, and its like razor blades against my face. my skin is all red and itchy and flakey and dried out, my hair is frizzy, my lips are chapped, my joints creak, and i feel cold all the way inside my bones. and it doesnt even get that cold here, relatively speaking. and it does get hot. horrible scorching fire-inducing hot, where you cant move for fear of expiring. and thats even when you live here:

but today, i would give anything for it to be hot like that. if i dont get warm on the inside soon i am going to crack and fall apart. lucky for me, i have something new to wear to get me through whatever this last bit of winter throws at us. i cast off the sleeves of (the aply named) ‘summer solstice’ last night and sewed in all the ends:

then it had a bath

and is now stretched across the dining table. i think im pretty happy with it. i will be really happy if it blocks nice and loose and drapey like the swatch did, and if the reverse stocking stich rows prevent curled up edges.

i will have proper photos on the weekend, when i wear it to Stitch and Bitch. Pretty good timing all around, really!

k xx


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13 responses to “summer too far away?

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I could use some cold right now. It is only 90 deg F, but for me it is too warm. Your sweater sounds like it worked out good. I am looking forward to pics.

  • gidgetknits

    All done! That moment is so satisfying. And I can wait for summer…

  • Rose Red

    Hurrah for a finished item!! Can’t wait to see it and hope it lives up to expectations!

    We’ve got lovely sun at the moment, but it’s quite windy – I haven’t yet been out in it to see if it’s bitingly cold (I hope not!)

  • Bells

    We’re freezing here. I’m getting a bit impatient too.

    It’ll be lovely to see it done.

  • sue

    I have to agree that this winter has been bone chilling. I am hoping for some warmer weather so my arms stop aching for a while. I cant wait to see how your Summer Solstice turned out too.

  • Ailsa

    I fully agree with you re the cold this year. Been freezing! And the past few nights have been three dog nights.. Which is a bummer, since I only have one dog.

    I had a word with the wintry sun today when I opened the back door this morning to let Storm out – it’s about time it had a bit of warmth in it!

    Looking forward to seeing your Summer Solstice on Saturday..

  • 2paw

    I like the cold, we all like the cold here, we are getting snow over the next few days at the places that get snow!!
    Oh, I can’t wait to see your new cardi!!

  • Tam

    Will be nice to wear, assuming you can get it to dry! 🙂

    My bones are cold, too…

  • Sarah

    It’s on its way to you – it’s feeling very autumnal here now – snuggle up with a hot water bottle and the knits till then. Looking forward to seeing this one.

  • trent

    I hate the winter, I hate the cold. I had one day in the sun on tuesday and already turning dark. things are getting back to normal. I agree they have have been three dog nights, but I have only been able to rustle up two.

  • donna lee

    I can feel a subtle difference in our temps. After last winter with our record breaking snow and cold, I enjoyed our hot (again record breaking) heat this summer. I feel lilke I should store up the heat somewhere inside to help get through the end of winter.

  • Leonie

    Oh the anticipation of a completed knit. Love it! Hope it behaves itself for you and blocks to all the right dimensions.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Oh I hear you about the heat! …I agree 100% on all you wrote about why you don’t like it, as I feel the same way.

    I also agree.. it has been VERY cold brrr!!

    Cardies great 😀

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