some scenery instead

i had been hoping to have at least one finished item to show today, given that the weekend involved travel and that meant car knitting time, and i had hoped that that item might be a cardigan, but it was not to be. i am only a few inches away however, so sometime in the next couple of days. and then i will  be wearing it by next weekend, weeee!

so i have some pictures of where we went, and they come with a little story. we went down the nsw south coast to meet up with our flyball team mates (some of them live in milton, near ulladulla, and some of them live in canberra, but have holiday houses near ulladulla as well), so milton was the destination. along the way, we pulled off the highway and stopped to let the dogs have a run on the shores of beautiful lake conjola:

lake conjola has a special place in my heart. my grandfather and his brother had little houses down here, and before my mum and dad got divorced when i was about 9, we came here quite often. we went fishing out on the lake, in little tinnies like these:

and one time i caught a 5 pound flat head. apparently this was a good catch, and i was the stuff of legend for one summer, at least! my family still lives in the houses, one has been renovated by my dads cousin, and the other is a holiday rental. in their day, they were little fibro cottages with long untended yards that backed right onto the lake, one had an overhanging tree and the obligatory rope swing out over the water, and one of them probably had a little jetty like this:

i remember long hot days spent mostly in the water, walking barefoot along the blue gravel road to the shop for icy poles, and eating lots of fish and chips out of newspaper wrappers. nothing about the place has changed much, it is still mostly holiday homes which were currently deserted, as it is still pretty cold down here, but we managed to find the little takeaway-postoffice-general store and got some hot chips,

and sat and watched pelicans feed while the sea eagles circled above. there were lots of kangaroos hopping around, which i dont remember from childhood, and they were disturbingly tame, this female sat and watched while i tried to get close enough to take a photo of her and her joey, but i only had my phone camera and didnt quite catch it.

in the morning, we took the dogs to the milton showgrounds where we trained for upcoming flyball comps, and i was busy helping so didnt get time to knit much here. the sun was out, and i didnt have a cap on, and i got a bit of sunburn on my face. it was lovely though, the view:

the peace and quiet. the not caring about the election result. being down there on this weekend really bought home to me how futile all our political angst and hand-wringing really is. i am not surpised by the election result we have now, not at all. some political commentator last week said ‘if you live by the polls you’ll die by the polls’ and this continual race-to-the-bottom dog whistling campaigning has returned the result that the media and the people who listen to them deserve.

in 30 something years, this little place on the coast has seen governments come and go and nothing much has changed. when all the humans are gone and done with wrecking the planet, it will regrow itself and return to wild jungle again, and be a better place for it. i used to be a labor voter (with a minor detour into card carrying communism as a student), but now i have no interest in the major parties. my australian history phd taught me very clearly that there is no real fundamental difference between them. both exist to serve and prop up the capitalist system, a system that brings me my ccomfortable life style at the expense of the environment, billions living in poverty in china and india, millions more fleeing war and persecution, and the continued dispossesion of Indigenous australians from the land that is rightfully theirs.

until some ethics, compassion and social justice returns to the policy making of the ALP, i will continue to vote elsewhere. as some wise person told me once, nothing changes if nothing changes. and without the environment, the safety and sustainability of the planet on which we live, everything else is completely and utterly meaningless. as places like lake conjola continue to remind me.

k xx


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11 responses to “some scenery instead

  • diane

    Beautifully put .

  • Rose Red

    I have never been to Lake Conjola, although I must have driven past it – looks beautiful.

    Ah politics – I prefer not to talk about it really. Although the points you’ve made are good ones.

    • drkknits

      yes im sure theres a very good reason we’re advised not to talk politics or religion at dinner parties! its been a very dirty campaign and left a bad taste in all our mouths i think….

  • 2paw

    The major parties are slowly being overtaken. I am proud to say 20% of Island State voters voted Green.
    What a nice nostalgic trip!!

  • Bells

    it looks beautiful. Lovely memories.

  • Sarah

    Great photos and interesting thoughts on the politics – same issues here with two/three parties all sat on the same ground and no-one delivering what we really need

  • gidgetknits

    I keep looking into the face of my puppy – great antidote to the political situation. Love the photos!

  • Ailsa

    Beatiful photos – I’d like to take one of those canoes and go out for the day on the lake..

    I enjoyed your pragmatic political perspective – it’s true without a practical perspective, political theory is hollow and self-serving.

  • donna lee

    I read your political analysis with agreement and then sadness. Our political system is designed the same way, to keep the status quo. It matters little which major party is in power. Funds trickle down or dry up regardless. I try to learn about individuals and vote accordingly. Never registered for a particular party.

    The lake is gorgeous. I haven’t taken a canoe out in a long time. Not sure my knees would stand up to it now.

  • Sue

    Great post, Kylie. Happy memories, beautiful views and profound thoughts.

    I think we should give up thinking that politicians are there for any altruistic reason. They are only there to get into and then remain in power. Anything that fundamentally improves our world is a bonus.

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