life is like a river, apparently

i finally have one small finished object to show, and that is the cardigan for connor:

i dont really know why i felt the need to make a baby cardigan in the middle of all my other stuff, except for a sense that he was growing very quickly and winter was fading and if i didnt make something now then it would be next year before he could wear anything again. so i started this pattern, katie bells cardigan, on july 24, and finished adding the (very-special-bought-in-newtown) buttons on august 12.

i was worried it wouldnt fit, and i was right to worry. i checked with mamma the night before i was intending to gift it, and was dismayed to hear that bubba was measuring 20 inches around the body. the pattern for size 3-6 months had finished measurements of only 17 and 3/4 inches around! i stretched it while blocking, and it does fit, but only just. he will be lucky to get a couple of weeks out of it now, which is a bit of a shame, but it was fun to make. the heirloom bliss is really lovely, but i would also go up a needle size (to 4mm) next time.

i have also finished the first sleeve on the summer solstice cardigan.

everything is going according to plan here, and i carefully measured the sleeve as i went to make sure it fits my arm, not the imagined person in the pattern’s arm. i really want to get this finished now so i can start wearing it, its a perfect weight and warmth for spring, and i am concious of how fast this year is flying past.

on that note, i was having a conversation with Someone last night, and i complained that i would just like time, or life, to run a little bit slower, a little smoother for a while. i was informed that life is change, and the analogy of life being like a river full of rocks was used, and i said that i would just like my river to have some gentle curves and only a few rocks in it thanks, just for a little while. im kind of sick of always having to make allowances for things happening, for this constant change, of life rushing past and always having to adapt. i said in my last post that i had hit a spot of contentment and today i feel like it was a bit of fools gold, a shiny spot meant to lull me into a false sense of security. i know that life is full of joy too (and i have a great life compared to many), and that the turns in the river sometimes lead to good things, but i also think william goldman was telling the truth when he wrote “life is pain highness. anyone who tells you differently is selling something”.

i guess life turned out ok for buttercup in the end (and she didnt have knitting either). but is it wrong to wish that life was like a fairytale, just for a little while?!

k xx


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13 responses to “life is like a river, apparently

  • 2paw

    Never admit to The Contentment gods that you are content. It’s like saying your tax return is on its way in front of electrical appliances: not a good ides!!!!

    Mind you, I am touching wood everywhere I go lately because I am feeling a little well, I don’t want to jinx it though,

    Oh, those darn babies, growing and getting bigger!! He can wear his lovely new cardigan every day for a month and get lots of wear from it. Lovely buttons!!

    • drkknits

      You’re spot on 2paw, I think I jinxed myself. Although I suspect its my stubborn resistance to change that causes me pain, rather than life itself. Don’t tell anyone I said that though!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I so understand what you are saying. I have good things happening like Tesla, but so many other things are rushing me along I don’t get to enjoy her as much as I want.
    Why can’t it be the other way around?

  • Donna

    Baby knits get me every time. Mine always end up far too big, or far too small. Wily creatures!!

  • gidgetknits

    You know, you have my total respect for quoting The Princess Bride. Life is pain! But sometimes there is good stuff – that’s what we hang around for. Stuff like gorgeous red cardigans for babies.

  • missfee

    life just zooms along some days and inches the next

    thank goodness for knitting as now I can mark time with things done

    love the cardie – what a fab colour and the summer solstice is just awe inspiring

  • Bells

    the cardigan turned out beautifully. I’ve been surprised by how long some pieces have fitted Alice. They do stretch and fit for a while sometimes! There’s growth in that stretchy knitwear.

    Life does suck sometimes. I have no other wisdom to offer.

  • Rose Red

    I guess if there was no pain, the joys of life would be somewhat meaningless – or underappreciated. Not that that helps much when you are going through a sucky period. Lucky for knitting, to help make things better or at least take your mind off the things you’d rather not think about.
    We loves the cardigan, we does!

  • jennifer

    remember, there was contentment. it may have fled temporarily, but enjoy its memory. i’m sure it will return. welcome it when it does.

  • Ailsa

    Princess Bride? Is that a scorpio trait? Cos I must have been away that day if it is..

    But I did love the quote.

    Sometimes I think misery is the reward for analysing our lives too much – but then again maybe I’m being overanalytical. Heh.

  • donna lee

    My mother always told me that the older you got, the faster time seemed to go and she was right.

    I like the analogy of the river. I’d also like my river to be a placid, softly flowing entity for just a while. Or at least for the rocks to be buried enough in the water so that I don’t feel them so much.

    I love the bright red color you chose for connor. Knitting for babies is a tricky business. They grow in spurts and you never know when that’ll happen.

  • Leonie

    It’s amazing how fast little ones grow in that first year. They do slow down after that but it’s still a size every year or so. I feel like I’m always changing over clothing sizes for my three.
    Keep on chugging along with life, the ups and downs just keep happening it’s you that maintains the even keel, they just add the highs and lows. It’s nice to hope for an even patch as long as we remember the twists and turns will return because we are not islands, we are influenced by all around us no matter how much we wish otherwise. Me, I just want a week of sleeping in my bed without a child climbing in, wishful thinking I fear.

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