talking shop

yesterday i went up to sydney for a conference at which i was presenting a 10 minute paper. i just need to have a little whine about that. 10 minutes plus 5 minutes questions. have you ever tried to explain a 2 year multi-discipline project in 10 minutes? it was a bit of a debacle. i had a carefully planned presentation and i ended up having to whip through it and look really half arsed. there were 4 simultaneous streams, and i dont understand why you wouldnt just make that into a 2 day conference, so that everyone could go to more and have more time to talk and discuss.

3 hours travel for 10 minutes. and the train on the way up was packed,

and i had to sit on the stairs and try and knit (another tension square for saturdays workshop)

but the venue was nice

and there were other compensations. that is, the venue was kind of close to a rather famous street in newtown, which has a lot of attractions at the moment for the crafty minded person. first stop was the newly opening ‘granny square’:

which is going to be totally amazing when its fully stocked. i really like the thinking here, some good new stuff that you cant get easily elsewhere, and that caters to the more fussy yarn buyer amongst us, including some wonderful hand dyed yarns and cotton you can usually only buy online, as well as a great selection from the expanding morris and sons line. i was quite taken with the new ‘estate’ 8 ply but i didnt buy any. i did buy something, i’ll show you what a bit later. anyway, its a great space and i cant wait to see it again when its fully functioning.

i may have met up with some other knitters, and we wandered down to the other end of king st, where i needed to pop into this little store:

lucky i knew what i was after, or i could have got seriously lost in there. then we repaired to lunch:

and were joined by missfee and her stunning manu. some people may have bought more yarn here:

not me, largely because the yarn i did like was pear tree supersoft, which i had already picked up 10 skeins of in bendigo for less than half the price! i do have a bit of loot to show:

not bad for a 10 minute conference paper.

k xx

(photos are all from phone camera so apologies for dodgy quality!)


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13 responses to “talking shop

  • Bells

    oh you saw some of the best things in Sydney yesterday didn’t you!? I’ve only been to that button shop once but I long to go back. I wish we had something as good here.

    And trying to condense all that work down to ten minutes really doesn’t seem fair or right. It’s not really the way to do it justice is it?

  • Ailsa

    oh you’re joking.

    I had lunch in King St yesterday with Ingrid. we went to Granny Square too..

    I could have given you a lift home!

    What a co-incidence …

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I WANT TO TRAVEL!!!!! It looks so beautiful. I love home, but I really want to see some of these places for myself!

  • missfee

    I had a great day – and then jody picked out my manu buttons first go!!!

    Thanks so much

  • Rose Red

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It was a lovely day!

  • 2paw

    Well you made the most out of a kind of bad situation!!! Lovely shops, thanks for the tour!!

  • donna lee

    Beautiful buttons. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a store that only sells buttons. I think it would be easy to get lost in.

    And what a way to save a day! Yes, a 10 minute paper is hard (way harder than a longer one) but you got to have lunch with friends and have a yarny adventure. A win!

  • jan2132

    I’m planning on walking down to granny square today and then perhaps down to All Buttons, stopping for a coffee in the other shop. Just lovely, two yarn shops in walking distance from here. Then a walk home again. Good exercise and yarn!

    Ten minutes? Barely time to start and it’s all over.

  • gidgetknits

    The haul looks brilliant and best way to deal with presentation days! Cramming everything into 10 minutes is always an art… of course, I’m terrible. I’m GOOD at short. I find long papers difficult. This is why I like Twitter! We all have our strengths!

    • jan2132

      Speaking for ten minutes is like writing 500 words instead of 4000. Every word has to count in ten different ways.

      I haven’t done a doctoral thesis but the longest I’ve done has been a one hour presentation followed by chairing the debate and defending my views for the next two hours. That was a class thing for a Masters. Lots of waffle in two hours can be achieved.

      It’s lovely to see light in that old shop. I wonder how much cat and dog fur came out of it?

  • Annie

    Looks like the day turned out pretty good with the closeness to those wonderful shops.

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