yesterday we went off to our first flyball competition in months (and my first one since i fell and broke my elbow at the last one! its still not quite straight, that arm, by the way). its been a very cold winter here, and we tend to not schedule many comps during the cold (even though its better for the dogs than the heat. in america, where flyball is huge, most of the competitions are held indoors on special matting but we are subject to the weather and associated vagaries of outdoor venues). i took the camera and was planning to take photos of the whole day and take you through exactly what is involved in a flyball competition, but of course, the camera battery was dead. so you get a summary instead.

it was cold, the dogs ran up and down, i managed to ‘boxload’ for two teams without falling over (i fell over last time actually running a dog), i ate cold sausage sandwiches and chocolate chip biscuits for lunch, the team ran really well with no stress but were beaten by faster teams, i tried to knit but didnt get much time, and it was really really cold. it was so cold that my hands got all chaffed and red and dried out, see:

well maybe not, but red and chaffed they are. what knitting i did do was on connors red cardigan, and its coming along well, i should get it finished today:

then i will have to decide about buttons and embroidery and the like.

because i got no dog photos yesterday, i arranged for the three of them to pose on the steps just now.

possum worked pretty hard yesterday (shes the only one racing at the moment) and all she wants to do is be left alone to sleep. in the sun preferably. it is lovely and sunny here today although still a bit cold, and i have taken another photo of the magnolia out the front so you can see it in all its glory.

it has indeed been a year since i moved here, and i love this house as much as i did when i first walked in. id be happier if ricco stopped digging holes in the back lawn, but ive been lucky to not have the rent put up and to have a real estate agent who leaves me alone (the landlord likes to drop by unexpectedly. ive put a stop to that). what a year its been. and just when you think things get settled, the universe decides to shake them up again. there are some big changes ahead at work with me about to move offices and being seconded to an academic policy project, as well as my research projects, and there will be some money to hire a minion or two (ive never had a minion, i think i might like it). i am happier in my job at the moment than i have ever been, and feel quite motivated to actually be there, and do stuff when i am there. most unusual for me. i have been going to the gym in the morning before work, have found a new choir to sing with (practice starts this thursday night, with a tony backhouse workshop next sunday), am enjoying reading the hanning mankell wallander books (thanks lyn!), and have multiple social engagements with various knitters in the coming weeks.

in other words, life’s pretty good right now. but did i mention its cold?!

k xx


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18 responses to “miscellany

  • 2paw

    Your poor hands but oh, I adore that photo of the three dogs, all together. Believe me, I know how hard that is!! Lorelai Gilmore and Ricco are a matching Digging Pair!!
    That’s a red piece of knitting!!!
    Beautiful magnolia.
    Minions: you lucky duck.
    Glad you are happy, it’s nice to be happy !!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    The pups are beautiful as always, and I love magnolias. I have never had one.
    I miss going to work, but I don’t miss working. The social benefits of going to be with a group of people every day, especially ones who valued my own unique knowledge of moms and babies, has been the biggest loss to the MS. The paperwork and dirty diapers I am just as happy without.

  • jennifer

    Doing a happy dance for you in the spirit of your post today. But I shall not post pictures. It is best imagined, not seen.
    Those pups! Super adorable.

  • Rose Red

    Love the pic of the dogs! Jem looks very Lion King on the mount, Possum is very Cleopatra on the chaise longue while Ricco is, hmmm, very Ricco!

    Lovely magnolia – I saw a big one in the neighbourhood but only half of it was flowering, the other half not yet!

    I was expecting diagrams from flyball, like the last time!!

  • Knitdra

    How lovely to be so contented, besides I’m sure you’re knitted wardrobe will keep you warm and I’ll send a few degrees your way. Love the Magnolia too!

  • Ailsa

    Look at those cuteys!

    Great to see a happy post – it’s good when your work gets shaken up a bit – and I’m very envious of getting a minion!

    I can’t wait to hear you sing one day..

  • jp

    Magnolia’s are magnificent aren’t they?
    Exciting things are afoot at work. New adventures ahead.

  • gidgetknits

    Minions! Brilliant! Minions are great. And I love the shot of the three dogs – my puppy is now going for walks, so I’m getting to enjoy the whole experience now too!

  • Bells

    that’s a great photo on the steps. One to frame almost I reckon!

    Very keen to see what embellishments you go with for Connor’s cardi.

    Work contentment. Nice. I hope for that.

  • some knitting gurl

    loves the pups, minions are over rated, some get a mind of their own but a good beating can put them back into place. Sometimes I want to cry when I look at a flowering magnolia…
    Good to see you happy at work, I get tired of others whining and doing nothing.We all have to do. At my local super market I have a lady who moans and complains every time I pass through her check out, The other day I had enough, when there was a gap in the whining I offered the advice of her quitting her job and saving the rest of us from hearing it all the time, people behind me mumbled agreement. On another note, social media is so pervasive a prompt to all what what you put on-line stays on there forever and as Prince said “that’s a mighty long time!”

  • 1funkyknitwit

    You SING?!! … I’m impressed, I can’t hold a tune even in my dreams..ahaha

    Wonderful to hear that your life is on the “up” and going well for you. Obviously to be in this “happy” place you have worked hard to make it all happen for yourself šŸ™‚

    Dogs are super cute and the magnolia tree BEAUTIFUL!! .. I love them!!

  • Sue

    I think that contentment is very under-rated so am pleased to hear that you have attained a level of it. Minions, on the other hand, can be overrated. Look for a low maintenance one!

  • Delly

    What a lovely post Kylie. It’s lovely to have times of contentment and to highlight them. Sometimes, I think, we have trouble recognising those times because we haven’t seen them in a while.

    Lovely magnolia and posing dogs.

  • donna lee

    Good things are coming your way because you worked for them. It’s nice and heartening to hear good news from you! Cheers and congrats.

    And what did you bribe the dogs with to get them to all sit on the steps?

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