the end of one thing….

last night, during a most excellent selection of political satire on tv (if theres one thing i do like about election time in australia its the merciless cynicism), i managed to cast off the body of the summer solstice cardigan:

the suggested measurement of the body length (from where you pick up under the yoke) was 33cm. great if youre a pygmy. im not, and i wanted it to sit a bit longer on me anyway, so i had decided to just keep going until the ball i was on ran out. which it did, one and a half rows through the reverse stocking stitch ‘hem’ (designed purely to stop the stocking stitch roll up). anyway, it ends up being 41cm and sitting on my hips, which i like. it fits really well so far and has a lovely flaired line in the back from the excellent shaping. i thought i might run out of yarn but i still have 3 whole skeins for the collar and two sleeves, so all good there. i think this one is going to be a winner.

i am still undecided on the bruegel v landon issue, but i am using the up coming liz gemmell workshop at guild to help me decide. hence, the swatching. we are instructed to bring swatches of the yarn we think we might like to make into something, and we have to wash and block them and then carry them around to see how they wear. my first swatch is on the suggested needle size for both bruegel and landon, 5mm needles, which is a bit bigger than i would like. it makes a nice soft drapey fabric:

and i get exact gauge for bruegel, 19 stitches and 25 rows. (landon is 18 and 24). my issue here is that i think the fabric might be too open. i am sick to death of things pilling and felting, and i know this yarn can do that (although the swatch is holding up well so far). but i am going to do another one today on 4.5mm needles just to check. i would rather have a fabric that i like and that i know will wear, because the whole point of the workshop is to work out the numbers yourself.

and ive never let a little thing like gauge stop me before, but i wonder what all you good knitters out there would do, gauge or fabric, gauge or fabric?!


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9 responses to “the end of one thing….

  • bellsknits

    the body’s finished! Nice work! Nearly there!

    the guage thing is doing my head in. I think the best thing is to wait for the workshop. You’ll get it sorted then I reckon. Also, I’m totally taken with both patterns so can’t choose.

  • Rose Red

    Look at you with an almost finished summer solstice! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

    re gauge – I would go with the fabric you like. You can do the maths to resize the patterns (I can help if you like – especially wih bruegel).

  • Donna

    Stupid iPhone isn’t loading the pics 😦
    But I hear you on the pilling. I’m tired of spending weeks knitting something that looks like crap within a few wears.

  • some knitting gurl


  • donna lee

    It’s a good idea to carry the swatches around for a bit to see how they wear. I hate to put all the work into a sweater to find out it pills and is not as tight as you would like.

  • Olivia

    Summer solstice is looking great. I definitely tend to swatch to find the fabric I like, not to reach the gauge specified. But, I am becoming more aware that designers sometimes choose a specific gauge in a specific yarn to get the fabric a certain way (eg beautifully drapey but doesn’t wear well).

  • LynS

    I really like the drape and texture – and of course the colour – of your ‘summer solstice’. I think it will be eminently wearable. And I’m with those who say it’s most important to have a fabric whose weight and heft you’re happy with, so if knitting the tension squares is a way of judging this well, it’s time well spent.

  • 1funkyknitwit

    Looking FAAAAABULOUS!!

    Oh, did I mention.. I LOVE the colour!! 😀

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