in the middle of things

despite what you may think, in between the shopping, eating and drinking,  i did get some knitting done in bendigo. while in transit i mostly worked on the monkey socks:

i put them on bamboo dpns so i wouldnt get hassled about my carry on baggage, but security at sydney still wanted to check that all the pointy sticks where attached to bits of string. i said to the guy ‘its knitting, im allowed to take it on now’ and he checked with his supervisor, who made that funny hand moving motion that people do when they’re imitating knitters. yes yes i knit. just let me on the plane.

while in bendigo, i spent most of my knitting time working on the stonington shawl. i dont need to look at the pattern for it anymore, and i took everyones advice and am sticking to the amount of repeats suggested by the pattern. i am past the middle of the centre square now:

this is such a lovely relaxing knit, im glad im sticking to my guns on the shetland project and not being seduced by all those pretty little 4 ply shawl flirts out there.

since ive been back i have worked almost exclusively on the summer solstice cardigan, which i didnt take with me. i am keen to start wearing this soon and its coming along very nicely:

it has such lovely shaping, and the colour is more blue than you get here. its going to make a very good wear-into-spring garment. the thought of seasonal change made me think i really should get moving on another baby garment for connor, before he grows too much and i have to knit more. i saw how quickly bells was getting through alice’s garter yoke in bendigo, and that reminded me what good quick little knits baby things are. and there was a discussion yesterday about him not having anything in red yet, and i had this heirloom bliss just sitting around, so i cast on katie bell’s baby cardi (rav link). i am even going to do the embroidery!

the bliss is lovely to work with, not quite as tight a twist as zara, but almost.

and, finally, i also cast on a swatch from the lovely grey pear tree yarn i got in bendigo.

i was originally looking for something for bruegel (rav link), and it looks like the gauge will match, but in the meantime i have been thinking about landon instead. i would need to make a few slight modifications, in that there would be no crossover at the front, the edges would sit flat so i could avoid that bulk and use my silver buttons. i bought the pattern and the more i look at it, the more i think the tailoring of it would be a bit more flattering than bruegel. originally i only meant to swatch for a liz gemmell workshop that i am doing at guild on august 14, but now i am thinking this would be a very handy item to have when i go to new york and washington for a conference in early december.

i ran a quick twitter poll the other day to see if people preferred bruegel or landon, thinking about what might be more flattering to the larger girl, and would be interested to hear what you think here.

sigh. so much knitting, so little time!



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11 responses to “in the middle of things

  • Ailsa

    I really like Landon. I like Bruegel too – but I think I like Landon more.

    ‘when I go to new york and washington for a conference in early december’ – I’m so jealous!

  • Tia

    They’re both nice… but if it’s for uber cold weather, then Landon would work better, but Bruegel will be more useable here too…

  • Rose Red

    Is Ailsa going to Euro-Disney? *jealous*
    (but more jealous of you and your NY/ Washington jaunt!)

    Love how Stonington is coming along, it looks great, as does the Monkey.

    And you know what I think about Landon v Bruegel – make both! You have time!! They are both fab!

  • gidgetknits

    All that knitting! Brilliant. I’m about to find out this afternoon how Wee Davie feels about knitting.

  • sue

    Your shawl is looking beautiful. Your cardigan is looking very nice too and will be perfect to wear when the seasons change. Our LYS has the Bliss yarn too but doesnt have that gorgeous red!

  • Olivia

    I like Landon better but that’s just my taste I think. Agree entirely about the ratio of time to knits. I think I now have about four projects planned for my week long skiing trip. Sure we have some long evenings up there, but I am still wildly overestimating what I might get done!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I really do like the sophistication of Landon. I might do that one myself in alpaca or cashmere.
    I live in the US and have not been to New York or DC. I’m totally jealous too!!!

  • Bells

    i think they’re both great options with lots in their favour and a few similarities too but I think I like landon, in this case, for you.

  • kgirlknits

    ahh, New York trips – I’m very VERY jealous!

    love those monkeys and the shawl – yay for over half way 🙂

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I just LOVE ALL that you are working on at the moment.

    The socks in that colour look so pretty, the Stonington (I want to make;), so I’m watching you..heheh & the Solstice another favorite, plus another that I want to knit …just LOVE!! 😀

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