colour me bendi

only one sleep to go till i meet up with bells at melbourne airport and we get in our little hire car and brave the wilds of victoria, wending our way to bendigo for the sheep and wool show. this will be my first time in attendance, and i am greatly looking forward to it. staying with friends, eating out, buying yarn, exploring a new town, all very exciting. i am a little anxious about collective gatherings, i dont do crowds at all well really, and find it hard to overcome my shyness, but there are some people i am looking forward to meeting so it will be worth the effort.

the biggest dilemma of course is what to take, clothes and knitting wise. i am trying to pack very light, and to be sensible about what i really need, given one tends to end up wearing the same thing repeatedly! i know a coat will be important, as will be the woollens, so i have packed accordingly, and discovered a theme:

i appear to like red at the moment. i also discovered a gap, no simple red handknitted socks to wear! (note: add red sock wool to shopping list!)

i also had to decide what to take knitting wise. the flirtini socks have been frogged back to the heel again, and thats in the naughty corner and not allowed to leave the house.  i am nearly finished sock one of the diamond guernseys but they are on a nickel cable, and i am a bit worried about metal pointy things on the plane, even though they say its ok. so i decided to start some socks for me, out of the personal sock club, and i picked the lorna’s laces (in pilsen) to go with the monkey pattern.

ive knitted these before as a gift and know they work well with variegated yarn, and this is the first time ive knitted with lornas laces and i really love it. really, really, love it. im also enjoying being back on DPNs surprisingly. i do feel like theyre a bit busy, but i will persevere. i cant decide whether to take the cardigan and/or shawl in progress….maybe not the cardigan, as desperate as i am to finish it, but i need to check off rows as i go, and its getting big now. possibly the stonington shawl is better perhaps – its fairly mindless, and transportable? oh, so many choices, so little time.

and i must be honest and admit i will probably be too busy talking, laughing, eating and spending to pay much attention to what im knitting.

are we there yet?!

k xx

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25 responses to “colour me bendi

  • bellsknits

    you are so bringing stonington. I’ll unfriend you if you don’t. Even if you don’t knit it, it still needs to come to Bendi!

    My packing is up shit creek. I’m all over the place. Reading what you’re doing is helping me sort through my thoughts a bit more.

    See you tomorrow!! xo

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I’m envious of others again. Its a habit I try hard to break, but so many people are doing such fun things.

  • missfee

    I hope you have a really really great time in Bendi – I will be thinking of you all

  • 2paw

    Have a wonderful time, I am sure you will be too busy chatting to knit all the time!! I love your theme, and you definitely need some red socks!!!

  • Rose Red

    You already know how envious I am of you all going to Bendi, so I won’t say it again (um, whoops!).

    Loving the new socks – think the pattern and yarn work perfectly together. I’m quite partial to LL myself – knits up nicely, washes and wears really well. Can’t ask more than that, I reckon!

    Nice work on the packing. I reckon I took at least twice that much stuff!

  • Donna

    I’m having trouble keeping it down, and I’m doubting my packing choices!

  • KTunravels

    It can be really difficult to choose which woolens to take, I found that last time I visited Europe in winter! And I thoroughly enjoy the red theme – it’s my all time favourite colour.

    Un-related to the post, but related to your header photo – love it! I thought the bridges & river in Florence was graceful & romantic, with that hot summer haze. And how amazing is the Uffizi!

  • sailormouthsadie

    woo – hoooooooooooooo! can’t wait to see you both in Bendi, and those socks are just so sweet

  • kgirlknits

    oh, btw – it’s kgirl. too lazy to log out of my alter’s profile 😉

  • Sue

    I haven’t even thought about packing yet and am still dithering over what knitting to take. I frequently take nickel Knitpro’s on aircraft so you shouldn’t have a problem.
    Look forward to seeing you all Friday afternoon!

  • gidgetknits

    Oh that’s funny! I was just talking to someone about the magic of red socks and realised I didn’t have any! Must fix that… Wish I was off to Bendigo. I’m close, but conferencing…

  • Nardine Smith

    what about the secret stashes of lindt chocolate … ?

  • shellauw

    Oh so envious! I look forward to seeing the photos.

  • Knitabulous

    Ah the packing! The knitting is always the hardest, followed by the shoes I think.

    Can’t wait to see you in a different environment, we can all go out for eggs..

  • donna lee

    Have tons of fun! I think mindless knitting might be the best since I have a feeling, you will be paying more attention to the people around you than what’s in your hands.

    I hear you on the scariness of meeting people (what if they don’t like me?) but I’d bet you have a great time!

  • travellersyarn

    Have a great time – I’ve been wanting a lot of red this winter as well!

  • sue

    How exciting for you both. I am sure you will love it and knitters are very friendly as you know. Just make sure to pack a light raincoat in case it rains and it does get very chilly at night too. I think I may have to knit some red socks as I dont have any in my sock drawer either apart from the pair I knit this year which look more burgundy than red! Maybe your starting a red sock knitalong!

  • Anna

    Have a great time. It sounds like it will be a fantastic weekend!

  • catsmum

    it was lovely to meet you today m’dear and you appeared to be handling the crowds with aplomb

  • Annie

    red sock yarn is a definite buy to match all those other reds knits. Have a great time.

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