the second half

so here we are, into july, and i have been living in this house for over a year and where the hell did that year go? so much has happened, and i have been thinking lately about how much of it i blog, and ive realised i probably do too much. i know you can do whatever you want on your own blog, and i do have trouble separating aspects of my life – when im down im down and i dont really hide it. but ive decided its time to start being a bit more circumspect, and maybe post a bit less if i need to at times. which means that sometimes, all i will have to talk about are works in progress. the endless works in progress!

i have finally finished the two halves of the yoke of summer solstice. its knit from the middle of the neck over to the right shoulder first, and then you are supposed to do the sleeve and then come back and pick up the live stitches in the middle and then knit the second half down the left sleeve. i took someones advise and have stopped at the top of both sleeves and put them on waste yarn, because i know im going to run out of yarn, so short sleeves might be necessary. a strange experience this was, at first it made no sense what i was doing

but then it started to come together

and now i realise what i have just made

cool, huh? this has taken me much longer than it should have. its just stocking stitch, its only about 100 rows on each side, and i have been almost completely monogomous all this week. you can see why i worry about only posting WIPS, the rate i move.

of course, i can always post endless pictures of the dogs, and because they were very cute this morning i think i will! ricco stole a sock out of the washing i was trying to hang out and proceeded to tease possum with it

making her stalk and then chase him around the yard

when i manged to retrieve the sock they played tug with an actual dog toy (ricco would prefer to play with just about anything OTHER than a custom bought dog toy)

and then we went out to collect the paper, possum doing a fine job of bringing it to me

until ricco interfered

and then bounced around with it thinking he was very clever.

he is kind of cute. thats why he gets away with it. meanwhile, jem, tired of all these puppy shenanigans, really just wanted to come inside and see what i was cooking

its tomato and chorizo soup, by the way.

so i am hoping that the second half of 2010 is so calm, boring and uneventful that i have no personal drama, issues, feelings or injuries to blog about, and can pretend im just a normal suburban white collar worker like everyone else! with plenty of knitting to show for it.

k xx

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13 responses to “the second half

  • Rose Red

    Gosh, look how Ricco has grown – even though still a puppy! And just like kids, would rather play with wrapping paper and cardboard boxes rather than the actual present meant for them!

    I think it’s totally ok just to post about WIPS (not that I have any self-interest in that, heh!!). Your blog, your rules!! (well, pretty much, anyway!). Hope the second half of 2010 brings you all those things and more good things!

  • 2paw

    Oh Ricco and Possum are so cute and Jem is such a darling!! We have paper fetching like that too!!
    I see how the cardi works, pretty clever!!
    I hope your new financial year is a good one too!!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    We have been 20 years in our house and have the clutter to prove it. I can’t imagine the freedom of pared down belongings.
    Personally I get a lot out of how others cope with their lives beyond knitting. Just saying…

    • drkknits

      thanks for this jeannie, you reminded me that i do too – i like people who write about personal stuff as well as knitting. just sometimes i feel like i go a bit overboard!

  • jennifer

    yep. i was tootling along in june, nay, verily skipping, till the wheels fell off (ok that’s mixing the whatsits i know) so i thought i’d just shut up for a while till equilibrium reigns again.
    but we likes to see the pups. makes everyone happy.

  • gidgetknits

    Have you got any soup left over? That sounds delicious! Just pleased that that doesn’t look like a handknit sock, though – such happy dogs!

  • Ailsa

    That soup sounds great to me too.

    Whatever you want to share or not share on your blog’s good with me. I do love how it’s developed though.

    And although it sounds cliche – you never know what’s around the corner. ..

  • bells

    You know, I admire you a lot when you write about personal stuff. Being one of your BKFFs, I of course usually know more of the background stuff, but seeing the filtered stuff show up on the blog, I see it as that, filtered.

    Put it this way, if you started putting one of your more personal emails up as a post, I’d be having a word with you about private v public but as it is, I usually see what you write here as a distillation of what’s going on in your life. Mostly I read it and admire that you’ve got a space here to write like that, in a way I don’t.

    And the construction of your new WIP (yes, keep up the WIP posts!) is fascinating. I’m really going to have to give this one a go!

  • donna lee

    It’s a tough decision sometimes on how much to share. I wonder sometimes as I write, “who cares about this?” and then I wonder if people will be apalled.

    You are so smart and level headed that you will find your balance. I love reading about your life and even the not so pleasant bits. It does help to see how someone else deals with issues and helps to see that we all have them. And we all have similar ones!

  • Anna

    I really like WIP posts! Especially ones that are about slow going projects that feel like they should be going quicker than they are (pretty much every project I do, in my case!!).

    I struggle to know how much is enough or too much in terms of putting personal stuff on my blog. I suspect that we all err on one side or the other sometimes, but I’ve never felt as though I’m getting too much from you.

  • shellauw

    It’s been a year already? Wow.

    And I love your posts. I don’t post nearly enough anymore. And I always have time for your wip and dog posts. I think you have a great balance in your posts – you’re frank and entertaining. There’s never “too much information” or anything I’d say steps over any line.

    Here’s to smooth sailing for the rest of 2010!

  • Leonie

    Love the mix. Have no probs with the personal stuff. We are all real people out here, we have days that are fabulous and days that suck. A problem shared is a problem halved, or in my case, voicing an issue can help to clarify it in my head. So if you need to go all personal then cool, we aren’t going anywhere 🙂

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