sister act

i have been MIA from the internets for a few days because my sister paid a bit of an improptu visit from brisvegas. she arrived on thursday and i have just dropped her back at the airport this morning, and we had a lovely, busy, time. the first thing i did was get her to try on the socks i have been knitting for her, as i had a feeling the second one had gone awry:

you think? of course, it was too big, so i frogged it past the heel:

and am now working my way back up the leg again. anyone would think i didnt actually have a daily knitting journal where i write down what i do to one sock so i can make the other sock the same. sigh. i did get to go to snb on saturday because my sister took herself up to sydney for some reminiscing and art gallery-ing. it was a lovely afternoon, as usual, at the novotel, tho i really dont get much knitting done. i was more interested in watching these two plotting to take over the world:

and admiring zenas marvellous red liesl in shepherd worsted

oh my. it was sunset when we emerged:

and another beautiful winters day emerged on sunday as well, which was spent breakfasting back at diggies (donna, ailsa and i had lunch there before snb as well!)

tea and knitting and newspaper reading in the sun

and then a trip to visit the local roller derby league so my sister, whos derby name is Narsty, could train with them.

what a great bunch of girls! they let me take some pictures but they all moved so fast it was hard to get anything decent.

my sister trains with SSRG in brisbane, and is at ‘star two’ level (thats her on the far right of that picture above). she was really impressive, she only fell over twice and that was because someone whipped her too hard. i used to roller skate when i was a kid, but there is no way im getting out there now. crazy skater girls! it reminded me a bit of knitting though, in that once you decide you’re into it, there goes the rest of your life, and your partners life, and your families life, so you never talk or think about anything else again! (of course, the fact that derby requires exercice and knitting well, doesnt, is beside the point). it was lucky Narsty had training to go to though because she probably needed to work off all the cooking and eating we’d been doing: risotto, sticky date, lamb roast, apple pie. maybe a bit of chocolate too!

well, its not often you get to spoil your little sister, so you cant blame me. i havent seen the narsty girl since this time last year, and that time was the first time in a very long while. we have not had the easiest of relationships, and spent a long time apart, and i didnt think i missed having a sister, especially because i was lucky enough to make some fantastic friends who are my surrogate family.  but now we get the chance to start over and i am very glad to have her in my life today.



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10 responses to “sister act

  • bellsknits

    Narsty! Perfect Roller derby name. I love the names the girsl come up with. So much fun.

    Sean keeps saying it’d be great for me to try RD. I say no freaking way. imagine if I fell and broke my arm!! Although a broken leg….but I digress.

    Anyway, you sum up well the isolation of life outside of a solid family, I think. You’re in a unique and difficult position there. But sisters have been there forever and I for one and very, very much in favour of fostering the strength that comes from that shared history, the love, the ups and downs. My life is better for sisters – and the ones we pick up along the way are the icing on the cake.

  • Ailsa

    Apart from not having a very attractive profile – I appear also to be missing a finger on my left hand. Boy am every unphotogenic.

    I’m very drawn to roller derby – it sounds so cool!

  • Rose Red

    So glad you and Narsty have found each other again. I always wish I had a sister, so I do envy those who do have them (and have good relationships with them, I know having a sister is not enough!). But I’m glad I’ve picked up some sisters along the way too.

    What a fab weekend you had! Lots of lovely cooking and knitting and eating and sunshine.

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I have a sister I haven’t seen since I was 18 and left my parents’ home. I have some minimal contact with a few aunts and uncles, but my family is the one I have made as an adult. I know what you mean about the holiday times and missing the closeness that some around me seem to have.
    I have picked up some sisters along the way as well. My life is much richer for having them in my life.
    I need to learn more about today’s version of roller derby. I just learned we even have a team here in Portland

  • sue

    The roller derby sounds like it is quite a rough sport to play, and just imagine if you broke an arm, no more knitting for quite a long time! I am glad you have found your sister again. I have one younger sister and I know how hard it is when you have to practically raise them yourself when you are young but it is worth the effort and they know your past too and why things are the way they are. You have so many fantastic wonderful friends though which makes up for not having family around. What is the saying – you cant pick your family but you can pick your friends!

  • donna lee

    I have a sister but we have no contact. She expressed her distaste many times to me. I get wistful when I hear stories of people who have sisters whom they love and get along with. I have a brother and i adore him but it’s not the same.

    I had to create my own family and finally have people to whom I matter. Some are blood and some are not but all are important.

  • Nardine Smith

    oooh dear knitters, just as y’all would pick up a missed stitch, all i can see in my derby pictures, is my arms out, instead of tucked safely in … (you tend to break less things if you’re down low and nicely ticked in) … and the size of my bootie … excellent to block with!

    i’m glad to have you back too kylie, you mean a lot to me, my smart, intelligent and beautiful sister … dont my socks look fantastic – I cant wait to wear them (not very subtle hint) – just jokes.


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