turn turn turn

its winter well and truly now, although you wouldnt know it today, it is gloriously sunny outside and the dogs are enjoying themselves. possum loves the sun and will lie on hot concrete until it burns:

ricco is much the same but today has been lucky enough to dig up a bone:

and jem is following me around as usual, just in case there’s something good on offer:

despite the sunshine i know its winter because the magnolia has finally lost all its leaves:

and there is a little pale blue haze in the sky that takes the edge off the sunlight. seasonal changes make me pensive. they make me realise how intangible life really is, almost meaningless in a way. time, the seasons, people around you, they all change and there’s nothing you can do about it. there are changes happening around me that make me sad, and fearful, but also curious about the future. i dont like not being in control but i have learnt the hard way that the only thing we can control is ourselves, our choices, decisions, reactions. i dont know where life is headed these days. i used to think i knew, but now i know i dont, and that is all i know. so i just go through the days, one a time, trying to fill them only with things that make me happy. friends, sunshine, puppy dogs, knitting.

i have cast on two new projects this weekend and im a bit excited about them both. firstly, there is the first of the shetland projects, the stonington shawl, finally cast on after all that swatching.

i decided on 4.5mm needles, and knitabulous helped me wind it up the other day (winding large bundles of yarn makes me nervous so i am grateful to have a friend close by who knows what they are doing!). so far, i am in love with this pattern. you start by casting on two stitches and increasing one every row until you have 14 stitches, then you start the ‘concentric squares’ chart, which you think you are knitting triangularly (is so a word) but really, its going to be a square.

it has slipped stitches at the end of every row and when i have 145 stitches, i decrease back down to 2 and then go along making sides by picking up those slips. then it gets a fancy lace edging knitted on. finished measurements should be around 54″ by 54″. im not expecting to have this done anytime soon! i do hope to have the next cardigan done before the season is over however, and i swatched for it late last week. i even washed and pinned the swatch:

its elsebeth lavold silky wool, in ‘vintage denim‘, bought in the Webs sale, and the pattern is summer solstice (interesting choice of pattern name given we are about to hit the winter solstice here). i am a bit over gauge, (20 st & 30 rows vs 21 st & 28 rows)  because i am using 4mm needles. i dont really want to knit a whole cardi in 3.75mm, and after swatching i am happy with the feel and look of the fabric.

i dont mind if its a bit bigger all round anyway. it will be alright wont it? tell me it will.

meanwhile, i know i should be knitting socks because my sister is coming to visit next weekend and i really should be finishing the socks that are meant to be for her, and i really should be cleaning the bathroom, but its so nice outside i just cant.

lifes too short for ‘shoulds’ right?

k xx


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13 responses to “turn turn turn

  • Jeanie Babbage

    I fully understand the bit about no controlling some things. Plus I have a list of ‘should’s that I am ignoring. Find what makes you happy!

  • jennifer

    these 2 new things are looking ‘sqisit. i just love the colour of the vintage denim and you can almost feel the smoosh just looking at the picture.
    look. the only reason i have been cleaning the kitchen instead of knitting is that second daughter is coming over so she can make cornish pasties with me and we need the benchspace and clean plates and oven trays.

  • bellsknits

    should schmood!!

    Stonington looks fun! I think that’s gonna be a good, interesting knit!

    I both resist and embrace change, in different areas and in different moods. It’s not easy. I like your attitude.

    You’re very lucky to have knitabulous close to hand!

  • Donna

    Meh. I never do what I should. As evidenced by my pigsty house.

    The Kid and I have been having many discussions about change lately. There are a great many changes coming up for her in the next few months, and she handles change about as well as I do. Ahem.

    Learning to live your own life and not the life other people think you *should* (theres that word again) is a big life lesson. One I haven’t necessarily learnt!

  • 2paw

    Oh the dogs all look so happy, well maybe Jem looks a bit wistful!! The do love the Sun in Winter. Mine are fast asleep and in my spot on the couch.
    The shawl is so clever, I am pretty sure triangularly is a word!!
    Life is absolutely too short for ‘shoulds’!!!!

  • Annie

    I wish the sun was still out but it has gone till tomorrow. How lovely to be sleeping on warm concrete…it really is a dogs live isn’t it. I hope all your changes are going to be good and happy for you.

  • travellersyarn

    I think that the cardigan should be lovely – a bit of ease should be okay (but don’t hate me if it is not!).

  • Knitabulous

    I’m a bit if a change junkie I think. I never feel like my house is forever, I like moving. Having the kids slowed me down and that was a big challenging change to deal with too.

    As the seasons roll relentlessly on, and we age just a little bit every day, it’s good to reflect on where we’ve been, where we’ might be going, and how we might get there. But as we all know, there’s no guarantees in this life, you just gotta play the hand you’ve been dealt. Sieze the day and all that.

    Dogs if course, are the best people.

  • Rose Red

    Aw, I hope you had a little something something for Jem – how could you resist that look??

    I still don’t quite get the Stonington construction (I’m a visual person when it comes to these things) but it looks great so far!

    As for life, and change, well, I’m not a huge fan of change but I also don’t have things planned out, I pretty much take things as they come (which is not always a good thing, eg I am crap at actually planning things) and I try not to worry about things I can’t control. It’s not always easy though!

    It’s about perspective too. In the bigger picture, an individual’s life is relatively meaningless. My life is not going to make a difference to global warming or world peace, my life will never enter the history books. But my life does make a difference to the people I interactive with every day (and very indirectly to the bigger picture). So that’s what I focus on, how to be the best person I can day to day (again not always or ever easy), I suppose, because otherwise it’s a bit depressing really!!

  • Anna

    As you mentioned you can’t control the weather so take full advantage when it offers such a lovely day! The socks and the bathroom will still be there tomorrow.

    The Stonington looks like it will be a wonderful knit, and the cardi yarn also looks good. Enjoy them both!

  • Sarah

    Ooh lovely new projects. Hold on to the curiosity I reckon – no-one knows what’s coming and when you think you have it planned it’s just an illusion anyway 🙂

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I actually love the shawl your knitting & it’s on my “to do” list, so I’m watching closely to see how you go with it ~ lovely so far 😀

  • donna lee

    Enjoy the sun. Especially in the winter. Who knows when it’ll be nice and warm again. Possum has the right idea. Bask away. The cleaning will be there when the sun goes down.

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