Finished Object: Featherweight v2.1

also known as the Tom the Hot Farmer (or TtHF) featherweight. this is my second ‘featherweight’ but this one is quite modified, so its not strictly a featherweight per se. really, its just a basic top down raglan, that uses the sizing from the featherweight pattern. it is finished, and being worn:

Details are as follows. Pattern: Featherweight, by Hannah Fettig.  Size 48inches. Sticks 4mm knitpicks harmony circulars. Yarn: TtHF, or Tarndwarncoort Polwarth Silk, Natural Silver Grey. I bought 2 big hanks of this from the Old Bus Depot Markets last year, which equalled about 320 grams, or about 1200 metres. I used about one and a half hanks after all that, they came with no official ‘yardage’ so i was a bit nervous, but probably could have got another few rows on the collar. i cant tell you how lovely and soft and warm this yarn is. i can wear it right up against my skin and its not scratchy at all. its got a lovely sheen to it, and every so often there were little slubs of unspun yarn and dots of silk. there was even some grass in it. gorgeous.

Modifications: As with the first featherweight, i added some increases along the neck line, basically every second row i made one a few stitches in, to try and get it across the chest a bit more. i also added increases in the body, so every ten rows i increased one stitch roughly under the arms and at two spots in the back (4 stitches each time). i just did them where i thought they looked right, and i think they have given the whole thing a bit more swing and fullness.

i did garter stitch for the band, collar and cuff, only small bands because i wasnt sure about yarn length. the cuffs, as you know, were knit flat which was annoying, but made proper garter stitch, so there was very minimal finishing required.

i havent blocked it really, just steam ironed it last night. i dont think it needs blocking really.

what i learnt: i like this pattern, its a good basic design, but im sick of it now. its not really made for bigger girls, and now that its actually cold, i want something that comes across the front a bit more. also, im tired of all that stocking stitch. in this slightly rustic yarn, with plain stocking stitch and plain garter stitch, its a bit, well,  plain. i need to do something a little more ”girly’ next time, and i am thinking of using the same basic construction but adding some delicate cables to the cuff and collar, a la rosamund.

but not for a while yet, because the next thing to get cast on is the summer solstice in elsbeth lavold silky wool. i have even swatched already. isnt it funny how quickly we move on from one project to the next? i wish i could do that with some other aspects of my life!

k xx

ps. a note on photos. one, my hair is wet not greasy! two, the lovely knitabulous took some awesome photos yesterday but they didnt write to the camera sd card properly, so i had to get trent to take some more this morning. the detail shot is ailsa’s, the rest are trents. thanks guys.


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17 responses to “Finished Object: Featherweight v2.1

  • bellsknits

    wooo hooo!! I know the photos aren’t quite the ones you wanted but they do show a very, very lovely finished cardigan. You are inspirational with this one. I’m going to copy you when next I see TtHF.

    It’s wonderful and I think the detailing is perfect. the garter stitch was absolutely the right decision.

    Good job Dr K!

  • Ailsa

    Still good shots! Although I’d like to see a little more of your lovely face..

    Looking forward to seeing the next project come to life – I think you’ll find it a lot less knitting, which can only be a good thing..


  • Rose Red

    oh it’s just lovely! Great modifications – you’ve produced a really fab, wearable cardigan, love it! And it fits so well too. All that you can ask for a piece of knitwear I think!

  • nardine smith

    nice modulling … nice red campers … beautiful cardi

  • 1funkyknitwit

    WOW.. I remember you buying this yarn and I can’t believe the QUICK turn around on the yarn, as I haven’t knit any of my purchases yet :/

    Looks fantastic, love the colour and it’s beautifully blocked, very neat, but most of all…

  • Catherine

    If you think it’s a little plain, how about dyeing it, or embroidering/needle felting some detail onto it?

    It is *your* knitwear, after all…

  • probablyjane

    Beautiful cardigan – and the shape suits you so well!

  • Ingrid

    It looks lovely , and I have 195 grams of the exact same yarn. Do you think that it would be enough? I’m wondering a lot about what to do with it…

    • drkknits

      I think that’s plenty for a smaller size, especially if you knit exactly to the pattern. I got the whole body with all those increases done with 160g. Go on, do it!!

  • LynS

    This is such a great fit and so wearable. So well done, drk. I’m very envious, but can’t even begin to think of doing all that stocking stitch – and I don’t have the skill to make the modifications so perfectly. Lovely.

  • Sarah

    Oh it really is beautiful – I can see that as it gets colder you’ll want something more snuggly but these lighter pieces are so useful – I have commercially bought ones but I don’t know that I have the patience to knit one for myself in such fine yarn – this is tempting me though!

    Well done for all the mods to really make it your own, I often want the lazy option of just sticking to patterns but it is so worth it to make the tweaks to make it really fit.

    And the colour is wonderful too – love it!

  • 2paw

    I live the photos, especially the second one, you look very happy and relaxed in your new cardigan!! It is lovely!!!

  • gidgetknits

    It looks great! And everyone needs a few plainer cardigans of nice design to have to have to hand.

  • donna lee

    It really is a perfect layering piece for in between seasons. It’s plain but beautifully designed. And with the silk yarn, you probably won’t have the pilling issues that I’ve seen with the merino laceweight.

  • Tam

    TtHF is easier to say. lol. Wonder if they’d rename it Ü

    I got some polworth/silk at Bendi last year. Beautiful! Must remember to get some more…

  • Annie

    Very nice, I was a bit disappointed though….I read the first few words and thought…WOW she has put a photo of TtHF…hahahah. I have put the photos of my grand-daughter knitting on my blog.

  • shellauw

    Just catching up on all your posts! Woohoo! The yarn is amazing, isn’t it?! Love your mods.

    Looks fantastic on you too. 🙂

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