more adventures in sleeveland

apparently my last post ‘went on a bit’. i will get straight to the point this morning.

went to guild and wwkip yesterday, it was great. great presentation from randomknits about blocking, nice little walk around the rocks to the hall for wwkip, 90something people turned up, great company, great organisation, great atmosphere. no photos.

very little knitting done on my part, i spent most of my time nursing connor because i felt like it, and because i wanted to make sure his mum had a good time! i think she did. i know i did. i think i got about 4 rows of the second sleeve of the second featherweight done, and i am hoping i might be able to knock the rest off by the end of the long weekend.

as you can see, i managed the garter stitch cuff on the end of the first sleeve by knitting it ”flat’, with only that little gap there to sew up. i cant wait to wear this. its bloody cold right now, and the woollens are starting to get a work out.

thats all, she wrote.

k xx


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12 responses to “more adventures in sleeveland

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I was pretty sure that was going to be the way to go to get the garter look you wanted. I’m ready to pick up the front band on mine. Pics later.

  • bellsknits

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it – it sounds like it was a bit different this year and lots of fun. And I love the Rocks, as you know.

    Good work on the featherweight. You’re almost there – and I’m almost there with Coraline. yay for long weekends!

  • Rose Red

    yes, yay for long weekends! and for leaving Sleeveland behind!
    lovely day yesterday!

  • ailsa

    Excellent news on leaving sleeveland.

    It was an excellent day yesterday too, lots of people, very good atmosphere and fun! I missed the snuggling of Connor – but will amend that next time!

    And I will get to the end of your previous post – completely my own failure, no reflection on your writing ability whatsoever!

  • sue

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your sleeves are looking great. You will be finished in no time at all.

  • Anna

    It sounds like a great day! And the cuffs look great. Doing them flat is such a great idea. I hope the rest of your weekend is suitably knitterly!

    If I can convince my other half we’re heading up to the Bendigo Woollen Mills for my first ever visit tomorrow! Should be fun if we make it 🙂

  • missfee

    yay for knitters
    yay for babies
    and yay for garter stitches and the long weekend

    I am hoping to finish my rosamund this weekend too

  • 2paw

    I love the anticipation of a new knitted thing. So close: knit quickly!!!

  • 1funkyknitwit

    I know what you mean about not getting much knitting done at WWKIP, I think I only did 2 rows the whole day!…ahahah

    …it didn’t help that my lips were flapping most of the day, so socially great progress was made ;D

    LOTS of fun!

  • donna lee

    I am serious lust with that sweater. It looks so light and beautiful. I absolutely forgot wwkip day but don’t feel too bad. I kip most days on the train.

  • Annie

    WWKIP sounded great, it doesn’t matter that you don’t get much knitting done, the social side is always good. By everyone’s blog I have read so far on WWKIP and Guild it sounded like a great saturday.

  • Leonie

    We have WWKIP next weekend, it was a bit slow getting organised down here! Can’t wait to spend the day knitting with friends. Lucky you for getting a hold of Connor too, no wonder the knitting wasn’t so extensive!

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