birthday cake

i made a cheesecake. first i made a mess in the kitchen:

then i poured it into the water bath and crossed my fingers:

it came out of the oven like this:

perfect, in other words.

its a birthday cake, for trent. its probably strange to write about someone else on your blog, and probably even stranger to write about trent. its not easy for me to write about him either. but its been a hard year and we’re all having a bit of a hard time, and birthdays can make you think about how many things havent worked in your life, how many wrong turns you took, how it all could have been different. and they make you think how fast time is passing.

so i just wanted to let people know that i think i am very lucky to have someone like trent in my life. we have been friends for nearly 15 years. thats the longest ive ever known anyone. i dont even know my own sister that well. he walked into my life down a dark hallway in a stanmore ‘share house’ and i thought he was a rude arrogant bastard. he still is, of course, but hes also sweet and kind and gentle and sensitive. hes great with the dogs, terrific with kids, and a fantastic example of how you can turn your life around if you put your mind to it. through all the grief and pain and anger, im glad we’ve managed to stay friends.

i hope we are friends for a long time to come. happy birthday trent:


k xx

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15 responses to “birthday cake

  • bellsknits

    he is a great guy and your friendship is a tribute to what can be salvaged when a relationship ends.

    The image of the dark hallway in Stanmore is so rich. I’m going to dwell on that for a while. It’s a good one.

  • Rose Red

    heh heh, love the last photo!! (but I do hope there are leftovers – one cheesecake between two people is just a bit too much!!)

    It’s trite perhaps but true – life wasn’t meant to be easy – but having good and true friends helps (even if they are rude and arrogant at times!!) (or annoying and snarky with too many shoes)(not that you know anyone like that I’m sure!!)

  • Rose Red

    PS. Happy Birthday Trent!

  • jp

    Those connections that last through the torments and fires of life are amazing aren’t they?

    Very much things to be valued wherever you find them.

    Happy Birthday Trent

  • Olivia

    Your cake looks beautiful. I hope Trent loved it and I hope he had a very happy birthday.

  • LynS

    Baked cheesecake – yum!
    Relationships that survive and are transformed by tough times are to be much valued.

  • missfee

    WOW so impressed

    Happy Birthday Trent

    BTW we are on our way over to steal what ever is left of the cheesecake!!!

  • 2paw

    Life is never what you expect it will be, but somehow you can usually find a way to be happy. So Happy Birthday Trent, hope you helped with the washing up???
    I love the last photo too, it looks like a fabulous cheesecake DrK!!

  • justthreadtwiddling

    I love cheesecake and make one for my son every birthday. Yours looks wonderful. I can taste it from here. I love having friends, too. I have a few who know me much better than my family does.

  • gidgetknits

    Can I just say – thank you! Now I don’t feel so bad about the mess my kitchen ends up in after I cook… and sometimes before I cook. 🙂 And I love the black and white.

  • Shelley

    Hooray! And Happy birthday Trent!

    (PS: Your cheesecake looks amazing)

  • some knitting gal

    Hi everyone,
    Its the next day and trent is still eating cheese cake. he wants to thank everyone for the warm birthday wishes, he even wants to thank those pr**ks who think he is rude and arrogant. xx

  • Sarah

    Oh that cheesecake looks awesome, a great birthday cake for a great friend.

    Love how that garter choice looks like it is working out and hope you find yourself on an upwards ebb soon.

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